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How to increase your IQ

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There are many ways which will help you to increase your IQ. Let’s take a look at a few of them so that you can use them to increase your IQ.

There is a strong correlation between relational skills and IQ scores. If you can improve your relational skills, you can also improve your IQ scores. Relational skills can be taught. When you are clear about relationships between different things, it will enhance your thinking and problem-solving skills. Psychologists call them the building blocks of intelligence.

Brain training

It is possible to train your brain to increase its power and IQ. There are some important brain training programs and techniques which are scientifically designed and verified. These programs can help you to improve the power of your brain and increase your IQ.

Healthy food and exercise

If you want to increase your IQ, you will need to eat healthy food and perform regular exercise. Both these factors will help you by increasing your IQ. You need to eat right and lead the healthy foods because whatever you eat has a direct relationship with your body and your mind. If you were following a healthy diet and if you perform regular exercise, you are likely to have higher IQ scores and also better memory. Physical activities are good for your brain and memory and so you need to perform them regularly. You should include broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, berries and omega-3 oils because they can help you to improve your memory and brain functioning. Green teas and protein are also good for your brain and memory. Proteins are important for you because they help introduction of important neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine. Both these are important for mental alertness. So, if you want a better brain along with a better body, include a healthy diet and regular exercise in your life.

Improve your language

If you can improve and enrich your language, that will help you to increase your IQ. If you have come from an language rich environment, then probably your IQ is already higher. If you have not come from such an environment, it is possible to increase your vocabulary and thereby help yourself to increase your IQ. If you have a strong understanding of language, it is beneficial for your cognitive tasks. You can increase your vocabulary by simply reading more and more. A simple and good dictionary will also help you to learn new words and use them in your language. If necessary, look up the words that you don’t understand.

Cultivate a growth mindset

A growth mindset will help you to improve your IQ and your brainpower. Mindset is very important for you. It not only helps in the emotional level, it is also very important on a physiological level. If you believe that you can learn anything and you can learn more, it’ll help you to learn new and more things. It will also enhance your performance in any type of learning environment. You need to keep pushing yourself and try again and again so as to complete the tasks and grew yourself and that will help you to improve the power of your brain.

Get out of the comfort zone

If you want to increase the functioning of your brain, you’ll be able to do that by getting out of the comfort zone. You will need to push yourself to learn new things which are outside of your current skills. Pushing yourself regularly to go out of the comfort zone will help you to increase the power of your brain.


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