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How to become smarter?

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If you want to become smarter than you are, there are some things which you can do. Your smartness and your IQ is not set in stone and it is always possible to improve them. There are a few ways which can help you to become smarter.

Exercise regularly

You probably already know that exercising regularly is very beneficial for your physical health. But it is also good for your mental health and it can help you to improve your brain function. Light exercise promote activity in the hippocampus which is associated with memory. Another scientific study found that exercise can increase the volume of the hippocampus. Aerobic activities can promote the growth of new runs which can boost brain structure and function. If you want to get the benefit from exercise, you will have two do it regularly. Even walking, yoga, hiking and bodyweight workouts will help your brain and will make you smarter.

Get enough sleep

If you want to become smarter, it is necessary to get enough sleep. Sleep is necessary for supporting optimal cognitive function. During your sleep the brain consolidates memories you created throughout the day and it also enhances your brain's ability to learn new information once you wake up. Even mild sleep deprived nation can negatively influence your working memory.


If you want to become smarter and improve your brain function, meditation is a very effective and powerful way to do it. Different scientific studies found that meditation can actually help your brain and improve its function. A scientific study done in 2010 found that meditation is associated with better executive functioning and working memory. Such differences were noticed just after four days of meditation. Another recent study found similar results and they found that that tension, recognition ability and working memory of the participants increased after eight weeks. At the same time anxiety and mood also improve for those participants.

Meditation can offer you many cognitive benefits and that is why it should be a part of your daily life.

Green tea

Green tea can help you to become smarter because it supports your brain function. Green tea contains caffeine and another chemical known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). According to scientific studies done EGCG may help in growth of the axons and dendrites in neurons. These are necessary as they help new runs to communicate and complete cognitive tasks. Green tea can increase your attention and working memory. That is why you need 3 to 4 cups of green tea every day to improve your memory and also to boost your general health.

Play an instrument

Playing an instrument can also help you to become smarter. It is not only a fun thing to do, but it can also boost your intelligence. Playing an instrument include several skills like auditory perception, physical coordination, memory and pattern recognition and all of them can challenge your sensory and cognitive abilities. That is why learning and playing a musical instrument can boost your cognitive and neural functioning.

If you are new and you are learning an instrument, that will also help you to boost your mental facilities. If you are an experienced musician, you can still challenge yourself by learning new songs and genres.

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