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Easy ways to burn calories and lose fat and weight

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The following ways can help you to burn more calories when you are trying to lose fat and weight. These are some of the small but important elements in whatever you do which will help you to burn more calories doing the same thing.

Exercise on a full stomach

When you exercise on a full stomach, you are going to burn more calories. When you hit the gym after eating food, which is the fuel for your body, you will have some digestive food in your system and so your muscles will be stocked with the glycogen. If you eat breakfast before exercising, you will enjoy significantly higher VO2 (which is a major of energy expenditure) and fat burn rates in comparison to people who exercise without breakfast. And the calorie burning process will last for 24 hours after working out when you exercise after eating food.

Hit the floor

When you are watching TV, try to sit down on the floor if you want to burn more calories. It will help you to burn more calories in comparison to lounging on the couch. It happens because your muscles will need to provide support to you and you will also need to work harder to stand up.

Keep it cool

If you can keep your home little cold, it can help you to burn more calories. Switch on the AC a little before or take the temperature little lower. With cold temperature Brown fats in your body will be activated and it will burn more calories to help your body stay warm. Even if you are not doing anything and just sitting there, little more cold temperature can help you to burn more calories.

Stop multitasking

Stopping multitasking may help you to burn more calories by making you walk more. Suppose you are carrying groceries. You can do that one item at a time which will make you to work more from the door to your kitchen. It is a way to make a one minute activity into a 10 minute activity. It can definitely help you burn more and more calories.

Take a smaller water bottle with you

Instead of having a large water bottle with you, you can always using smaller water bottle. It will not only help you to game if either habit of drinking water but it will also help you to burn more calories by making you walk to refill the bottle. It means you are moving more often and that is good for you when you are trying to burn more calories.

Rise and sweat

If you don’t have much time to go for exercise every morning, even then you can do something to ensure that you are burning more calories and also improving your metabolism so that you can burn some more calories during the day when you are resting. You can set your alarm 15 minutes early and use that time to do something that will stoke your metabolism. It may be anything like jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, crunches and any other things. It will help you to start the calorie burning process and that will continue throughout the day. There are many quickie routines available which will help you to perform some exercises within a very short duration.

Add music to your exercise

By adding music to your workout, you will be burning more calories because music will help you to keep moving. For example, If you are listening to music with 120 to 140 beats per minute, you have the best tempo for running.

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