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5 Tips to increasing health promotion in your community

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When we lead a healthy lifestyle as a society, life expectancy increases, the economy rises, exposure to diseases is reduced and this gives reason for you as an individual to increase health promotion in your community. Here are a few ways that you can contribute.



  • Minimize neighborhood waste



Carelessly disposed junk is not only unpleasing but can be harmful to both humans and other animals in many ways. It gets worse when these waste that could be polythene bags or cans containing harmful chemicals are burned in public as they pose health threats to everyone. This can be minimized through neighborhood cleanups and setting up compost piles which encourage recycling of waste.


Also, locals can be mobilized to plant trees which absorb air pollutants, release oxygen and provide fresh air leaving the environment greener and in better weather conditions. Encourage people to use organic fertilizers and pesticides for both their lawns and farms because manufactured ones are filled with toxic chemicals which eventually trickle down to rivers and streams.


  1. Volunteer and advocate for health voluntary programmes


As an individual, volunteering to local social programmes is part of Corporate Social Responsibility which is giving back to the society. These programmes make basic needs like healthcare services, food, and shelter available to the less fortunate people impacting the community as a whole. Seek health programmes that you can volunteer to work for and by this, you help them to reach out to more people. It also has an individual level impact because according to studies, volunteers regard themselves as time opulent people. Encourage people to volunteer and in a situation where volunteer programmes don't exist, it is okay to begin your own.   


  1. Coax locals to enroll in alcohol and substance use education programmes


With the widespread alcohol and substance use, there is need for more rehab centers and education on the dangers of drug use. It is not necessary to wait for the damage to happen for one to get access to this kind of education or for them to join rehab. Coax people in your community to join such programmes and for those involved in alcohol and substance abuse, get them into rehab centers for help. For instance, those in Washington can get enrolled in The Recovery Village Ridgefield to begin your recovery road.


  1. Foster growth of healthy foods


Grow foods naturally and use homemade compost and encourage other people to do the same. This will go a long way in boosting the economy of your locality as more people consume locally produced foods other than acquiring them from elsewhere. Eventually, people consume fresh, more nutritious and healthier foods opposed to manufactured ones which are health hazardous.


Run campaigns to educate people on the importances of growing and producing local products and involve as many people as possible: community gardens will help get more people. You can also work with local officials to help locate idle outdoor spaces to carry out the project.


  1. Take on a public health career


Public health may be your passion. Pursuing a public health career will help you gain the appropriate skills and acquire knowledge to be able to make informed decisions needed to handle issues concerning health promotion in your community. With public health education, you will be able to increase health promotion campaigns and initiatives through prevention as well as treatment of diseases. You will be able to identify threats to human health and through organized efforts promote community health by taking a corrective action.