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Dumbbell exercises and women

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Dumbbell exercises are used for different types of and there are hundreds of different exercise variations available using dumbbells. Some women think that if they exercise with dumbbells it will give them masculine biceps and so they tend to avoid dumbbell exercises. However, that is not true and exercising with dumbbells can provide you with a really beautiful, feminine looking body. Let’s know more about dumbbell exercises for women.

Use light dumbbells

While exercising with dumbbells, use light dumbbells. It is truer for women who have not used dumbbells before. The starting dumbbells should not weigh more than 2-3 lbs. It is possible that you can lift more than that weight but you need to understand the basic principle, which is, start slowly and gradually increase the weight and difficulty.

You should not use very happy dumbbells because that will increase the risk of injury. It is more important to learn the proper form before using heavier weights. The dumbbell is an exercise aid and you should use it as one. You should be able to perform the exercises with dumbbells which you can perform without them. It is also important to see whether you can lift a dumbbell without being exhausted.

Exercise your arms

When you lift a dumbbell to work on any goals that you have, it also helps you by providing some good exercise for your arms. Whatever exercise you perform with dumbbells, you will need to hold them, move them, lifts them and perform other types of movements and such movements will help you by improving the size and shape of your arms. There are different types of exercises available which can be done using dumbbells. Biceps, triceps and other parts of your arms can be exercised effectively and efficiently with the help of two dumbbells.

The target areas

As a woman you can use dumbbells to target different areas of your body. Many people think that dumbbells will help them to build arm muscles and tone their arms. However, as a tool, it can be used for different parts of the body. For example, besides toning your arms, dumbbells can help you to exercise your back, your legs, your shoulders, your lats, and your chest and so on.

Exercise for your back

You can always use dumbbells to work on your back and make it look toned. When you perform any dumbbell exercise wherein it to lift your arms above your shoulder, it will work on your back. You can perform these exercises both with straight arms and bent elbows. When you perform dumbbell exercises for your back, it will also help your shoulder and scapula region.

Exercise your legs

Using the dumbbells that you have in your possession, you can always exercise your legs. You can offer additional strain on your legs by using dumbbells. When you help dumbbells in your hands while performing different types of leg exercises, it will put extra pressure on your legs and will make the exercise more efficient and effective. You will need more strength to perform the exercise and that will work more on the muscles of your legs. Do some squats while holding dumbbells in your hands. You can also perform squats while holding the dumbbells at the height of your shoulder with bent elbows for getting more benefit from the squats you perform.

The exercises can be very good for women. Start with less weight and then gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells once you are comfortable with it.


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