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10 very important strength building tips

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1. Warmup

Even though when you walk into a gym to build strength, you are probably very serious about lifting some heavy weights and you want to get started immediately, probably you should start with the basics. You need to perform a thorough warm up before you touch the bar. It can have a huge impact on your ability to provide maximum force. It will help you with efficient movement patterns and higher mental readiness.

2. Prioritize

You need to prioritize the exercises you are going to perform in the workout session. It’s better to start with the heaviest and the most demanding exercises at the start of your workout. It will help you to provide the best performance and derive greatest benefit.

3. More sets fewer reps

Perform more sets of an exercise with fewer reps. You need more first reps while training to get more benefit. When you perform more sets, you get more first reps.

4. Try reverse pyramid

Try reverse pyramid training method. In this, you perform your heaviest work at the start of your workout because you have the highest levels of energy. It makes your successive working sets lighter for you.

5. Practice

To build strength, you need to practice the same movement over and over. If you perform the correct repetitions to master the movement, you’ll be able to do that and it will help you to acquire the necessary strength from the movements.

6. Employ the big four

To build more strength, you need to employ the big four-squad, dead lift, bench press and shoulder press. Your focus should be on these four, and you can add other pressing and pulling movements to complement these four important movements.

7. Add explosiveness

Add explosiveness t a lift. It will make you stronger. When you accelerate your movement, you are applying more force and it will help you to get more strength.

8. Use barbells first

Do not use all the equipments that you see in the gym. Remember that barbell is the king and the dumbbell is queen. You need to start your workout weight different types of barbell exercises. Barbells allow you to lift more weight because you can keep adding more and more weight to the bars.

9. Maintain a log

It is important to maintain a log when you’re trying to build more strength. You can note down your exercises, sets, reps and the results. When you keep track of different exercises and workouts, it becomes much easier for you to find out what is working and what is not. You’ll also be able to find out the best lifts and the most reps you have done for one exercise. When you know that, you can always try to improve those numbers.

10. Don’t overdo it

It is important to limit your lifts. You should do only three or four lifts during a workout. It is also important to keep your workouts short because that will give you the advantage of hormonal surges. You can do many exercises in one session, but it is likely that some of them will not be done completely. You can keep one main lift for each workout, which may be any one of the big four. Then you can add one or two assistant lifts. At the end, you can add core or specialty exercises such as ab exercises, calf or forearm exercises. If you do more than that, it is likely to reduce the results you’re getting from it.

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