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Building muscle and strength will not be tough if you follow a specific plan. It is possible for anyone to build muscle and strength and thereby enjoy a healthy life as muscle and strength will help you to live a healthy life. A simple plan to build muscle and strength needs to include just a few things-

1. Lift heavy things
2. Eat a diet based on your goals
3. Rest



Athletic muscle

Athletic muscle


If you want to build muscle and strength, it is necessary that you lift heavy. You can join a gym and lift weights. You can also use the free weight section of a gym to lift heavy. Bodyweight exercises are great, but they are more effective for weight loss and maintaining the muscle you have. If you want to add more muscles, you need to go for weight training. You will need benches, barbells, dumbbells and other equipment to exercise better and pack on more muscles.

You need to have a full body routine that includes complex exercises. Such exercises will help you to work in muscle groups together. Do not go for isolation exercises. Also avoid the machines in the gym. Use barbells, and dumbbells instead of machines.

You can include different push exercises, pull exercises and core exercises. Do not worry about many of the exercises which focus on isolated body parts. You need to know a few exercises very well and perform them weeks after weeks. Keep adding more weight to each exercise every week. Doing the same exercises and adding more and more weight to it will help you to add more muscles.


You will need to have a calorie surplus if you want to add more muscles to your body. Building size depends on the calories you eat. If you are eating more calories than you are burning, it will help you to add more muscles in your body. If you are working out for quite some time, but you're not able to build muscles, then probably you are not eating enough.

Eat a lot of healthy stuff. You can eat oatmeal, chicken, Brown rice, milkshakes, wheat bread, eggs, beef, fruits, milk and vegetables.

The total number of calories that you need to gain muscle and weight will depend on your situation. It will depend on your weight, how much you want to gain and your metabolism. The necessary calories can be calculated by finding out the normal calorie intake and then editing 500 extra calories per day.


Rest is also very important for you while you are trying to build muscle and strength. If you are skinny and you are trying to pack on more muscles, than is good for you to avoid cardio. Instead of lots of cardio, it will be better for you to lift heavy weights more to get bigger muscles because that will train your muscles to become big, strong and explosive.

You can train for 3 to 4 days in a week. The rest of the days should be used for rest. Take 2 to 3 days as rest days in a week. If you need to stay active on the resting days, you can do some light walks. If you are skinny, it is better to rest and avoid even a slight workout. You'll be building muscles more when you are resting. You need to give your body some time to recover from the wear and tear that happens during the workout. 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night is necessary for building muscles. Sleep should be a priority for you.
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