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Get moving

If you want to burn fat and build muscle, you will lead to go get moving. You will need to do something because if you set in front of your TV all the time and expect to burn fat and build awesome muscles, you are not only stupid, you are also making a big mistake. You can make all excuses and stay away from exercising regularly. But if you really want to burn fat and build muscles, you will need to go outside or go to the gym. You will need to exercise. You may choose any type of exercise that you like. It's not necessary that you must go to a gym. You can start walking, stretching, push-ups, lunges, body weight exercises or anything else depending on what you like. Exercises will help you to build muscles and at the same time burn calories and fat.

Create training and diet Journal

You will need to watch your diet and exercise program. If you do not monitor what you are eating every day, it is more likely that you will eat what you should not eat. The Journal will help you to find out what you have been eating and very need to control. If you need to consume good quality protein every two hours, the journal will help you to keep track of it. It will also help you to stay away from sugary drinks and drink more water.

The training journal will help you to find out what are the workouts you are performing at any particular time. It will also help you to stay on your destination. You will be able to find out what type of exercise you have done and what you need to focus on. You will be able to find out the weights and exercises you have been using and make adjustments according to your need.

Recovery and warm-up

Recovery and warm-up is very essential for you when you are trying to burn fat and build muscles. Foam rolling is important for you during workouts and non-training days. It will help you by strengthening your muscles and improving overall movements. Lacrosse balls can also help you to improve your soft tissue quality and extensibility.

Worm of is very essential when you are working out, otherwise you may suffer from different pain and wounds.

Seek progress

If you consistently using the same weights or exercising at the same level, you will hit a plateau. Your exercise programs will work till a particular point and then it will stop working. You will need to look for a new program or you can change your program. If you do not progress in your workout, gradually it will stop working for you. If you are lifting weights, you will gradually need to add more weights to your existing weights. If you're running, you will gradually need to progress in your speed and distance. You will need to increase the intensity of your training session. How can you do that? You can change the rest periods, vary the road, increase movement speed and you can also stop doing isolated movements and go for compound movements.


Like in any other things, you will need dedication to lose fat and build muscle. Depending on your body type, building muscle can be very difficult or easy for you. You will need to have some patience and dedication to go through the time necessary for building the desired muscles. Without dedication, you will not be able to go through the workout sessions and stick to the diet plan which is very important for building muscles.


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