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3 reasons why you’re not getting ripped

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Too much cardio

In the exercise and training space people believe that when you lift weights, you get bigger and when you focus on the cardio part, you get leaner. People believe this and so those who want to get ripped or defined always focus on the cardio part. They make cardio the centerpiece. However, even after that they do not see any big difference.

Too much of cardio is not good for you when you’re trying to get ripped. It may actually have a negative impact on the composition of your body. If you do too much of cardio, it will create a catabolic or muscle wasting result on your body which will slow down your metabolism. On the other hand, weight training can actually help you to get leaner. If you take the necessary protein and carbohydrates, lifting will help you to build more muscle. With more muscle, you will have a faster metabolism which will help you to burn more fat and as a result, your physique will become leaner. You will also burn more calories at rest when you are lifting weights. This doesn’t mean you have to stop doing cardio. You need to increase the intensity. In short, high-intensity alternated with low intensity is good for you. It is also better if you can separate weightlifting and cardio sessions.

Too much specialized training

If you are focusing too much on specialized training, that may be the result why you are not getting ripped. If you continue doing single joint exercises set after set, you may not get the desired results. Some of the isolation exercises are very important in bringing out the finer points of your body, but they cannot help you to get shredded. You need to have compound or multi-joint movements as the foundation. They will help you to build the most muscle and will also improve your metabolism.

In this similar way, functional training is also necessary but they may not be able to help you to get shredded. They will help you to improve your core stability and bring out the small muscles. For stimulation of your muscle to the maximum extent possible, you need to use the maximum weight that you can lift. To get lean, you need to hit your big muscles using bigger weights. Compound lifts can help you to get leaner doing fewer exercises.

Not enough heavy lifting

There is another misconception- if you lift with light weight and high reps, you get more shredded. This is not the fruit. If you use high rep sets while lifting, it will increase your muscular endurance but it may not help you in fat burning. It is better to stick to the 8 to 12 rep range for getting more ripped. It will help you to add more muscles and you already know that when you increase your muscle mass, your metabolism increases.

True heavy lifting happens at six reps and below. If you want to enhance your strength and build muscle, you need to take up the maximum weight possible for you and do six reps. When you lift heavy, it increases your testosterone levels and keeps it that way for longer even after the workout. It increases your metabolism and so you burn more fat.

When you go for high weight low repetition sets, you employ fast twitch motor units; you increase the possibility of look significantly larger and at the same time higher metabolism. You need to have a program that employs varying rep ranges so that your body cannot adapt to a specific load. Increase your weight and reduce the reps for better results.

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