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5 Things you should know about weight loss surgery

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It's alarming to know that a lot of people are obese. It is considered an epidemic that has close ties to heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Its increasing number every single year is frightening. But no matter how hopeless it may look, there are ways to remedy it and of them is weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is expensive. The average cost of weight loss surgery is $15,000 to $28,000. And on top of that, it isn't technically a magic pill or quick fix to lose some weight.


Here are five things you should know about weight loss surgery.


  1. It requires participation on the patient's part.


Weight loss surgery isn't the answer to obesity. Just like achieving anything for a healthier body, it requires lifestyle changes on the patient's part and an active participation. The patient must change their food intake and exercise regularly burn more calories. Weight loss surgery will not immediately lead you to your desired weight and healthy state. It should come hand in hand with exercise and a healthy diet.


  1. Not everyone can be a candidate for weight loss surgery.


Every patient must be examined by a doctor and there is a criterion that needed to be looked at in order to determine if weight loss surgery is an option. While it is said that BMI or the body mass index is an imperfect measure of one's health, it is still something doctors consider before they decide that weight loss surgery is for you. If things can be remedied by exercise and changing the diet, doctors would never advise operation if they can help it.


  1. Weight loss surgery is just the start.


Maintaining your weight requires hard work and consistency. After a weight loss surgery, the patient would have to maintain a lifelong change of diet and lifestyle. After the surgery, the patient would have to follow a restricted liquid diet for some time before returning back to a normal food. Vitamin intake is also advised right after because the body will be losing a lot of minerals and nutrients for eating less.


  1. It can eliminate one's issues with health.


Right after a weight loss surgery, the patient will have a tendency to have a loss or decrease of appetite. This leads to a decrease on food intake and then eventually to weight loss. Losing weight can positively affect one's health and eliminate high blood pressure, back pain, and even Type 2 diabetes.


  1. There are side effects.


Just like taking medications or going through any surgery, a weight loss surgery can also have side effects that you may never avoid. It can be pretty annoying, but it's not something that you can't work on and be prepared for. These side effects may include sweating a lot, nausea, weakness, and issues with digesting. A lot of times, patients who have undergone a weight loss surgery will also experience frequent trips to the toilet. Side effects right after the surgery are inevitable, and if it gets serious, you will be advised by doctors to have a further check.