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The 10 Worst Habits Which Are Damaging Your Skin

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While beauty isn't only skin deep, keeping a clean complexion offers not only an attractiveness factor but an array of other health benefits too, such as clearing away bacteria and keeping an eye on any recently developed growths. And, of course, the shining outward appearance doesn't exactly hurt your overall confidence either.


Unfortunately, with so much focus placed on this surface area, most people tend to approach skin rejuvenation incorrectly, either by overdoing the recommended practices or neglecting other simple lifestyle changes which make a drastic difference. Are you guilty of any bad habits? Read the following list to find out.


1. Unhealthy Makeup Practices

The irony of makeup is that it is often used to hide blemishes, and yet at the same time, can be a leading cause of them. Applying these products to your face blocks your pores, which can result in acne or even infections. Keep wet wipes on you at all times, and never forget to clean makeup off your face before bed, as the hours not only add up, but a dirty pillow can aggravate future breakouts.


2. Putting Toxins into Your Body

As the age-old phrase goes you are what you eat, and so if you're shoving yourself full of coffee, sugar, alcohol, and smoke, what do you think is going to happen? Rather hydrate the skin by hydrating your body with plenty of water, and ensure you eat regular meals packed with vitamins C, B3, E, and A.


3. Popping Pimples

As satisfying as it may be, fingering these inflamed areas only introduces more dirt into your pores, and can push bacteria even deeper into the skin. Furthermore, an accidental scratch could leave you with a permanent scar like a nasty reminder of that mistake you made, forever. Attack zits instead with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, and speak to your doctor if nothing seems to be helping.


4. Taking Long Hot Showers

If you're having a bad day or nurturing an injury, a hot shower is often recommended by professionals. However, it can declare war on your skin, clearing away your body's natural oils and leaving you dry and itchy. Lower the temperature, use a stress relief loofah to speed up the therapeutic process, and apply some coconut oil afterward.


5. Not Getting Enough Sleep

As with any health-related topic, sleeping is key. When it comes to getting fresh looking skin, sleep is a must for allowing the body to get the rest it needs to rejuvenate itself. From shedding cells to replacing them, a lot of the repair work is done whilst you snore away, so make sure you get your full 7 – 8 hours, and let nature do the rest. Why do you think they call it beauty sleep, after all?


6. Putting Dirty Items on Your Face

It's rather worrying how often people intentionally introduce dirt onto their face without even realizing it. For example: when last did you give your phone a wipe before you slapped it onto your cheek? Or how about your sunglasses, were they clean before your stuck your eye area straight into them? As a rule, you should be giving these objects a quick rub at least once a day.


7. Swimming in Chlorine

Keeping your pool clear by attacking the bacteria with chlorine is often necessary, but these chemicals are also famous for attacking the skin too. It is also worth noting that chlorine sticks to you, drying you out and bleaching your body even after a shower, so don't be shy with that soap, foaming up after every single swim.


8. Over-Exfoliating

Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dead cells, but if you forcefully shed yourself too often, your natural oils will also take a beating, and you will lose your glow. Once a week should be more than enough.


9. Not Taking the Sun Seriously

The sun is an endless giver, providing the human race with ample vitamin D, improved mental health, and that deliciously desirable looking tan. At the same time, few things are more damaging to the skin than the sun, as it ages appearance terrifying rate, including the risk of wrinkles, brown spots, and even skin cancer. Sunscreen should be used often, even during winter, and you should always get your moles checked regularly.


10. Frequent Stressing

Finally, your long-term friend stress also loves to manifest on your skin, by exploding into random patterns of blemishes and/or rashes just to make you feel even better about yourself. Be serious about taking time off, and always remember that frowning causes wrinkles too.