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Reduce sweating naturally

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The following tips will help you reduce sweating naturally.


Drink a lot of water

If you're properly hydrated, your body temperature will be low and if it is low, you will sweat less. Water is very important for your body and it is also important in reducing excessive sweating. Water will help you to flush out extra minerals, toxins and waste products. You will need 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

Drink tomato juice

Drinking tomato juice can help you to reduce excessive sweating naturally. You need to drink one glass of this juice to get the benefit. It will also provide your body with extra vitamins and nutrients.

Do not take a hot bath

If you take a hot bath, you are going to sweat more and so you should avoid it.

Take a cold shower

Even though a cold shower may be difficult for you, but you should not avoid it. Cold shower can really work wonders in case of reducing sweating. Cold shower will not increase your body temperature and so you will not sweat more. You can also use and antibacterial soap while showering so as to make your body clean and odor free.


Acupuncture can be effective against excessive sweating because it can target certain body parts. He can balance energy and relax your brain and that can reduce excessive sweating. Even though it looks painful, it is not and you can try it.

Reduce caffeine intake

If you can reduce your caffeine intake it will help you to reduce excessive sweating. Caffeine causes anxiety which may in turn cause excessive sweating of your body. It may work as a trigger for excessive sweating and by removing it you are reducing the possibility of excessive sweating.

Avoid certain foods

If you are eating sugary, spicy and chemically processed foods, they may be the reason why you are sweating so much. Your body and its conditions depend a lot on the food you eat. Spicy foods may taste very some but they cause you to sweat more after you eat them. In the same way, if you consume chemical toxins, they can trigger too much sweating. Too much sugar such as high fructose syrup used in sweetening foods, can cause excessive sweating. It is more problematic for overweight people. Premade packaged, greasy, frozen, fast foods, ready to eat foods are not good for you if you are suffering from excessive sweating.

Eat the right foods

Besides avoiding the wrong foods, you also need to eat the right foods to avoid excessive sweating. If you lack b vitamins in your body, your body will not be able to observe the necessary nutrients and it will not be able to properly break down toxins and body waste. It will strain your body and as a result you will sweat more.

You need to eat foods like whole grains because they contain high levels of B vitamins and fibre. You should also include fresh fruits in your diet because they will help you to balance your body. You can eat apples, peaches, oranges, cherries, watermelons, plums and other fruits. You can eat a fruit salad or use it for snacking between to meals. Vegetables should also be there in your diet. Because they are rich in B vitamins, you should eat more vegetables. You will also need proteins and that will come from fish, eggs and meat. If you are a vegetarian, tofu, beans and eggs will give you the necessary proteins.


Yoga can help you to control excessive sweating naturally. Yoga helps your body to relax which reduces excessive sweating.

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