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The Benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Depressive Syndromes

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Alternate Medicine

The new trend in healing depressive disorders and symptoms lies in complementary and alternative forms of medicine. Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM for short, does not rely on any scientific basis or on evidence for its healing properties, but on other factors, such as beliefs, organic sources, and spiritual therapy. While CAM often falls under much controversy for its dubitable medical effectiveness, many claim that it has helped them deal with certain conditions, one of the most prominent of which is depression. CAM has been reported to work on depressive syndromes, such as depression itself and several anxiety disorders. Many people with depression have resulted to CAM and have testified to its benefits as a form of treatment.

Relaxation therapy

Relaxation therapy is a form of CAM that has proven very helpful in fighting anxiety disorders, which have been known to lead to depression. This form of treatment focuses on getting a patient to enter a state of pure calmness and relaxation. This helps reduce any levels of stress, anger, sadness, or pain they may likely be experiencing. Eliminating these negative feelings can help encourage a more positive view and thus assist considerably in combating depression. There are different relaxation methods that may be used, including breathing techniques, calming exercises, and even practices like Yoga, Taichi, and Qigong, that combine both breathing and calming techniques. Stress management teaches patients to control their bodily reactions to stress, such as muscle tension and faster heart rate.

Herbalism and natural medications

Herbal therapy is one of the oldest kinds of CAM. It employs various plants and herbal medicine to treat depressive disorders. Herbalism is preferred by some over current antidepressant medications as a safer form of treatment with less potentially harmful side-effects.  St. John’s Wort, also known as Hypericum perforatum, is an old European herbal remedy for depression that appears to work similarly to many current antidepressants. Kava extract, from the Kava plant from the South Pacific, is an effective mood booster and helps treat generalized anxiety disorder. Folic acid, a common supplement, is believed to assist with depression and may help increase the performance of many antidepressant drugs. Many herbal teas serve as simple ways to provide stress relief.


The method of acupuncture as a depression treatment relies on the manipulation of body energy. Many resort to acupuncture to rid their bodies of negative energies that may cause depression and to reinforce their positive energies. This is done by the acupuncturists by working on a patient’s acupuncture points, which are where the Chinese believe the body’s energy primarily flows through. Its effectiveness in producing an overall more positive disposition is greatly supported. It has even been claimed that acupuncture is equally effective as Prozac in treating severe cases of depression. Acupuncture is a beneficial type of therapy that, along with other kinds of CAM, keeps depression patients safe from the normally harmful side-effects of prescription medication.

Faith healing

Faith healing aims to help treat depressive orders through spiritual means. This method benefits depression patients by strengthening their faith, and helping to imbue positive feelings that strongly counter depression symptoms. Faith healing is normally performed through prayer and invokes the strength of a divine power to heal all signs of depression. This form of CAM requires no medication, no invasive techniques, and barely any expenses. All it requires from patients is for them to believe in this divine power and have faith that it can do away with their depression and any negative influences that may cause it in their lives.