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Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

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There may be different causes of carpal tunnel syndrome like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or something else. The following tips will help you to get relief from the symptoms of this nerve problem.


Buy a wrist brace

If you wear a wrist brace at night, it will help you by providing you with relief from symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Sleeping with wrist flexed is very common and that may cause irritation of the nerve and put pressure on the carpal tunnel area. Before you buy a wrist brace, it is always better to take advice from your doctor and if possible get a recommendation. If you want, you can also wear it during the day. There are different types of wrist braces available including some custom-made braces more suitable for wearing during the daytime at work. Choose one according to the recommendation of your doctor.

Get a supplement

According to some researchers, vitamin B6 supplements can help you if you are suffering fromcarpal tunnel syndrome. Studies found that people who continue taking the supplement for three months experienced reduced pain. B vitamins are important for you because they help in better nerve functioning. However, you should take B-6 vitamin supplement only if you are deficient in that vitamin and if your doctor recommends it. It is important to talk to your doctor because the supplements may interact with other medicines and so you have to be very careful while taking any types of supplement.

Stretch your hands

You need to stretch your hands and wrists regularly. Like other parts of your body, your hands and wrists also need some exercise. If you stretch them, it will help in opening up the irritated nerve pathways that goes to the hand. If you sit down and work at a desk, there are different types of stretches available which can calm the nerves near your wrist. Find a stretch that you can practice at work and at home and repeat this stretch the number of recommended times. Your physiotherapist can also help you to find out about the stretches which are more beneficial in case ofcarpal tunnel syndrome.

Hand exercises

Your hand will need some exercises to avoidcarpal tunnel syndrome in future. Tendon gliding exercises are especially beneficial for you. In these exercises, the tendons are extended to the maximum potential. It is beneficial because it can reduce the swelling around the median nerve. Such exercises can reduce your symptoms and pain.

Use cold

If you ice your wrists, it will reduce the pain arising fromcarpal tunnel syndrome. Icing helps some people and does not help others. If it helps you, you can ice your wrists to get rid of the pain. There are cold packs available which can also be used for getting relief fromcarpal tunnel syndrome.


In some cases, acupuncture may help some people. It may offer you long-term pain relief from the pain caused bycarpal tunnel syndrome. Studies found that could puncture may help well than an oral steroids course.

Examine your workstation

Especially if you work at a desk job, you will need to monitor your hand positions. It is very important for you to keep your hands in a neutral position. In this position, your fingers remain in line with your forearms. What you need to keep it in a neutral position? If you keep your hands in a neutral position, it will minimise the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can easily modify your computer and the desk to ensure that you not overextending your wrists and your fingers are in line with your forearms.

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