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How to lose stubborn, hard to lose body fat

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The following tips will help you to understand more about your body fat and find ways to lose that stubborn, hard to lose body fat.


Change your lifestyle

Since your existing lifestyle is causing you to store more fat, become obese or overweight and increase your waistline, you will need to change it. You will need to change your lifestyle and make it healthier so that you can lose fat and look better. If you want to see some changes then you will need to make the necessary changes. Do not over restrict calories, which is the common belief and also find an exercise program that will help you to lose body fat.

Consume less calories than you burn

This is a very common advice but it is a very effective advice. It will depend on your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which denotes number of calories you burn daily with your routine activities and without indulging in exercise. RMR= body weight in pounds x 13. Also find out the calories you burn during your exercise. Add both these numbers and you will have the daily calorie limit for yourself. Now, make sure that you are consuming less calories than that number. This is very important because it will ensure that you lose body fat.

Limit your sugar consumption

If you want to lose body fat, especially the stubborn, hard to remove body fat, you will need to limit your sugar consumption. Sugar served simple carbs and they are very good for you just after weight training because they help you by replenishing muscle and liver glycogen stores. However, if you are consuming excess sugar, it will be stored as fat. Instead of a refined, synthetic sugar, you can always get it from fresh fruits. It is always beneficial for you if you replace sugary beverages such as soft drinks and Jews with coffee, tea, water etc.

Drink more water

Your diet will definitely decide whether you will lose fat on not. Do not forget to add more water to your existing diet plan. You will need more water if you really want to lose weight. Like other cellular activities, for transportation and burning of fat, you will need water. So, you should make sure that you are drinking enough water to help in burning more fat. Water is also good for you because it is calorie free and he can drink more water to keep yourself full so that you do not eat more calories. You need 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds of body weight every day.

Reduce intake of starchy carbs

If you are consuming too many starchy foods, you will need to change that. Potatoes, pasta, rice, breads are some of the starchy carbs, which you will need to reduce. It provides you lots of carbohydrate which is more than necessary for your energy and glycogen stores. The extra amount is stored as fat. However does not mean that you can completely eliminate starchy carbs. Your body needs it. You just need to reduce the amount of total starch going into your body, which can be done by reducing the portion size or by reducing the number of times you are consuming those starchy carbs.

Do not go for drastic calorie reduction

If you believe that drastic calorie reduction will help you in your goal to reduce fat and lower your body fat, probably should not do that. It will make you look depleted and fat. You should always focus on modest decrease in calories instead of drastically reducing it within a short time.

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