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How to avoid back pain

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Back pain can completely disrupt your normal lifestyle and so you have to be careful so as to avoid it. It is easy to avoid back pain only if you follow certain rules and regulations in your life. Let's find out how you can avoid back pain.


Sleeping position

If you regularly have back pain, you should check your sleeping position. Probably there is a problem with your sleeping position and that's why you always have back pain. Many doctors suggest that you sleep on your side and slightly pull your knees towards your chest. When you are sleeping on your back, you can put a pillow under your lower back and another under your knees. Sleeping on your stomach is not advisable when you have back pain or when you want to avoid it.

Exercise more

If you have back pain, you probably think of limiting your exercise and resting more but exercising can help you to get more relief. Regular physical activity will also help you to avoid back pain. You need to know what type of exercise you should perform to avoid back pain and follow them. Physical activities good for you because they can reduce inflammation and muscle tension.

Check your posture

Your posture plays a very important role in your back pain problem. If your posture is not good or correct, then you are more likely to suffer from back pain. You have to choose your chair carefully. If you want to avoid back pain, you should have a chair with straight-back or low back support. It's important to keep your knees little higher than you hips when you are seated. You can use a stool if necessary to slightly lift your knees. If you need to stand for a long duration, your head should be up and stomach pulled in. If you can, you should rest one foot on a stool while standing for a longer duration and switch feet after every 15 minutes.

Check your weight

If you are overweight, that may be a cause of back pain. You should watch extra weight especially in your midsection. When you have too much extra weight in your midsection, more strain is put on your lower back. If you can reduce your weight, that will help you to reduce your problem of back pain. Exercising regularly, controlling your diet are some of the ways to control your weight.

Lift carefully

If you are lifting some heavy objects, you have to be careful. Do not bend over from your waist while lifting such an item. Hold the object close to your body, bend your knees and squat and then stand up. If you are lifting something, do not twist your body. If you need to move any heavy object, always try to push it instead of pulling it because pushing will put less strain on your back.

Stop smoking

When you smoke, blood containing nutrients may not reach the spinal discs because smoking can restrict flow of blood. It is generally seen that smokers suffer more from back pain.

Avoid high heels

Even though high heels are very fashionable, they are also very risky especially for your back. They shift your centre of gravity and as a result too much strain is put on your back. If you are wearing heels, limit it to 1 inch heel. Do not wear heels when you are climbing. If you are uncomfortable in heels, immediately changed to a pair of low heeled shoes. If not wearing heels makes you less fashionable that will at least save your back.

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