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Healthy foods for people with kidney disease

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When you have kidney disease, you have to very careful with your diet. You cannot just eat anything and everything. Let's find out what are the good foods for you which can help you when you are suffering from kidney problem.



Cabbage contains lots of photochemical. This photochemical can break of free radicals and thereby save you from the damage caused by these radicals. They will also help you by protecting you against cancer and they help people fight against cancer in case of people suffering from cancer. They are also good for you because they boost your cardiovascular health. It contains high amounts of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid and fibre. Since it is low in potassium, they are good for you even when you are suffering from kidney problem. You can eat raw cabbage as it is a very good addition to the dialysis diet.


Apple is good for you if you're suffering from kidney problem. It is a versatile fruit and can be paired with many other fruits and vegetables and made into different types of dishes. It helps you by reducing your cholesterol, protects you from heart problems, and prevents constipation. It also has the capacity to reduce the possibility of cancer. It has anti-inflammatory compounds and is also high in fibre.


Garlic powder is a very important element of dialysis diet. It gives a good flavour to the dish. It is also beneficial in many other ways. It prevents plaque from forming, reduces inflammation and at the same time also lowers your cholesterol levels. You can eat fresh, minced, powdered and can add it to different dishes including, meat, vegetable or any other dish you are preparing.


Even though you're suffering from kidney problem, you will still need protein for running your body. Fish can help you with high-quality protein. It also contains omega-3, which is an anti-inflammatory fat. It's a healthy fat. It is good for your body and helps in fighting different problems like heart disease and cancer. Omega-3 also reduces bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL).


Cauliflower contains high amount of vitamins C, foliate and fibre. It contains insoles, glucosinolates and thiocyanates. This compounds will help your liver to neutralise toxic substances which will otherwise can damage DNA and cell membranes. You can eat it raw, either as a salad, steam or boil it. You can add some seasoning to it so that you can easily eat them. You can add cauliflower to other dishes.

Egg whites

egg whites contain pure protein and it is full of essential amino acids. It is probably the highest quality of protein available. It is good for your kidney diet because when you eat egg whites, you'll get protein without adding more phosphorus to your body. When you get protein from other sources like meat or egg yolk, along with protein, you are also adding more phosphorus to your body and that is not good for you when you have kidney problems.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains oleic acid. It is a very good source of anti-inflammatory fatty acid. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat and it is essential because it will protect you against oxidation. High amounts of polyphones are found in olive oil. It also contains high amount of antioxidant compounds and as a result oxidation and inflammation are prevented.

If you regularly use olive oil instead of other oils, you will have low possibility of having heart disease and cancer. Virgin extra-virgin olive oil is better because they have higher amounts of antioxidants.


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