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Why some cultures may not have backpain

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Back pain is a big problem in today’s world since it affects millions of people around the world. You probably had back pain at some point of your life. About one third of the people suffer from back pain where no treatment works and the problem becomes chronic fulsome

However, there are few cultures in the world where you will not see backpain. One indigenous tribe in central India never handed recorded backpain and when examined it was found that that discs in their backs had little signs of degeneration even when they aged.

The difference

The shape of the spine is very crucial in deciding whether you will have backpain or not. In some people the spine is shaped like the letter S, because it curves at the top and then back again at the bottom. But people who do not suffer from back pain do not have the two big curves. The S shape of the spine is not natural. You need to have a J-shaped spine to avoid any possible backpain. The normal spine isn’t shaped like a sharp, curvy S. It is generally flatter, all the way down the back and then at the bottom it curves to stick the buttocks out. And so it looks like the letter J. This is a good design and that is why you see it in young children and also in Greek statues.

Posture plays a big role in deciding how your spine looks like and that in turn will decide whether you have backpain or not. If your posture is right, you are likely to not have backpain.

Why some cultures have more backpain?

If you are heavier, then it may result in some posture problems and also your spine becoming curvy. If there is a lot of fat build-up in the belly, it can pull your weight forward and that may result in curving of the spine. People who are thinner generally have less curvature and it is easier for them to have the spine shaped like J.

If you’re less active than other people of other cultures, the sedentary lifestyle can result in a lack of muscle tone and a lack of postural stability. This happens because your muscles get week because of inactivity.

It is already well known that weak abdominal muscles can cause back pain. If you have strong abdominal muscles, they will also help you to get rid of backpain besides providing new other benefits and strength.

You will have to use muscle strength to get your spine to look like a J. The work that you will do to make sure that your spine now looks like the letter J will help you to get rid of the backpain and it will also keep you away from any possible future backpain. The good core muscle strength may be the key to avoid backpain. So, you will need to focus more on building strong core muscles with the help of different types of exercises.

Primal postures

Primal postures are those postures which can help you to add three, five or even more years of life and health. You need to spend some time practising those important postures because they will not only make you feel younger but will also keep you away from any possible backpain and other health issues. You have control over your postures and you can learn the right postures for health and strength.

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