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Millennials health issues

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In spite of their youth, Millennials (the generation that became adults around the year 2000) can face a number of health issues, often related to poor lifestyle choices.

1. Alcohol

Many millennials drink in excess of the recommended alcohol intake (14 units per week), especially when they’re at college. It’s very easy to go beyond this limit, particularly as people often don’t realise what a unit actually is – filling a glass to the limit can mean that what you think is one drink is actually the equivalent of 1½. Have at least 2 alcohol-free days per week, and never binge drink – it’s not ok to cram your weekly limit into the weekend, even if you avoid alcohol all week.

2. STDs

While you might think that millennials are clued up on safe sex, they are actually at higher risk of contracting an STD. According to the CDC, the 15-24 age group accounts for ? of cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea, perhaps because they are more sexually active than other age groups. STDs can cause fertility problems, and since most millennials will not have started their family yet this can have serious implications for their future fertility. Always use condoms, and consider being tested for STDs, especially when beginning a relationship with a new partner. A monogamous relationship is also the safest sexual option.

3. Mental Health

Mental health issues can hit millennials hard, even though (or perhaps because) this is supposed to be the best stage of their lives. A significant percentage of this age group are on antidepressants, and quite a few suffer from anxiety. It’s important to look after your mental and physical health, seek counselling if you’re having trouble coping with life, and accept that you’re not at fault if you’re having mental health issues – it’s perfectly normal.

4. Weight

Surprisingly, the rate of obesity among millennials is higher than in previous generations. The kind of poor diet that leads to obesity is likely to cause health problems such as heart disease and diabetes in the future. If you want to eat cakes and other treats (and most of us do), make them a small part of your diet and concentrate the majority of your diet on eating healthier foods.

5. Smoking

In spite of the dangers of smoking being well known for decades, younger people still take up the habit. It’s not glamorous, and there are far better and healthier ways of coping with stress. Don’t even start smoking; aside from the risk of cancer and other diseases, smoking will age your skin prematurely. If you’re already smoking, many people have found e-cigarettes to be very helpful in stopping.