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How to Reduce 90 Percent of Trampoline Related Injuries In Your Backyard

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To a child a trampoline is a fun toy to jump and play on and an excuse to have friends and neighbors over after school. It’s a way to get outside and burn off all that extra energy that children have. But to a parent, who understands the risks of gymnastic play, it may be considered a dangerous piece of equipment with potential for falls, bumps, and bruises that can be serious and could even result in death. A traditional spring trampoline has the potential for serious injury because of how easy it is to fall off and hit a hard surface or get trapped in the springs underneath.

Concerned father and engineer Dr. Keith Alexander created an innovative type of trampoline and he put quality manufacturing and a safer design in mind when he started his design. He invented this unique, innovative and award winning trampoline because he saw how dangerous traditional trampolines were and he was worried his daughter might be seriously injured someday, but still wanted her to have the joy of bouncing up and down on a trampoline on a warm, sunny day. When he learned that hundreds of thousands of children are injured on trampolines every year, and the majority of these injuries occur in children between the ages of 5 and 14, he knew something had to be done.

This is why he decided to make Springfree Trampoline the world’s safest on the market by using his skills as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering to focus on trampoline safety. He was able to build a trampoline for his daughter that eliminates 90% of product-related injuries by replacing a dangerous design with added features like a SoftEdgeâ„¢ mat that is 30 times more shock absorbent than the old frame pads you’d find on your trampoline growing up. Dr. Alexander is part of th American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)and works to help change and improve safety standards for trampoline manufacturers. His groundbreaking designs support many of the recommendations by the AAP as well as heatlhychildern.org, which has led to Springfree winning a bevy of major awards, including the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and the International Design Award.

The first step to designing the world’s safest trampoline was to eliminate all those nasty springs that account for so many injuries because they are on the same flat plane as the bouncer. Using his skills as an engineer he was able to find a way to use flexible rods patently located beneath the jumping surface and away from bouncers to provide a much safer, much less dangerous alternative to springs. These flexible rods are made from a special composite material and are tucked safely out of harm’s way. Sharp metal springs are dangerous to children because of the dangers of falling onto them or becoming trapped between them.

In addition to the spring-free design, the world’s safest trampoline provides a FlexiNetâ„¢, which is soft enough to cushion and guide jumpers back to the SoftEdgeâ„¢ mat, but also strong enough to ease a 250 lb. jumper down to the ground without toppling the trampoline itself. Unlike other trampolines, which use dangerous, rigid poles to hold up the enclosure net, the FlexiNetâ„¢ is held in place by soft, flexible net rods that enclose the trampoline and help keep your child from falling off.

If you loved playing on trampolines as a child, but want to save your children from the risk of injury,visit Springfreetrampoline.com to see Dr. Alexander’s innovative design for yourself; you’ll find that it’s just what you have been looking for. Unlike other trampolines it focuses on trampoline quality and safety, and gives your child the opportunity for playtime and joy without the worry.