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Tips on how to keep yourself motivated to exercise

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Staying motivated to exercise is a subject that has been addressed over and over again in the quest to try and find some sort of formula that will keep everyone at the gym. We all know how great it feels and we have all had that thought at the beginning of a workout,” I’m going to do this for a very long time, it is part of my life now.” But then unavoidably, you plateau and going for a run or getting to the gym after work becomes very hard. The problem is that the motivation solution will be different for each person. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated, try each of them and see which one works best for you:

1. Change your perspective

Your mindset matters, so take steps to change it. You are better off going for a run for only 30 minutes than daydreaming off your sofa every ten minutes. It is crucial that you stop considering exercise as an option. Exercising is a necessity that the body craves for just like sex, sleep and food. Stop the couch potato mentality and start thinking like an athlete. Even though this may seem like a really big challenge, it is not as big and dangerous as the diseases you are exposing yourself to if you don’t exercise. Start thinking about working out as a blessing rather than a “must do activity” or a sacrifice. Think about it like something that you want to do rather than something that you need to do. It all begins in your head.

2. Remind yourself constantly why you are exercising

Far too often people view exercise as a will power challenge, when often the only real issue is motivation and reminding yourself what that motivation is. Get a photo which represents exactly why you are exercising, such as an enviable body or a picture of you playing with your kids. Then put that photo somewhere you will see it often, such as your computer screensaver or printed and hung on a wall. The reminder will help to keep your motivational reasons strong in your mind.

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2. Consider Convenience

Find a park/gym that is very convenient in terms of location and reachability. It should be a quick drive/walk form where your study or work every day. This will make it easier for you to develop a routine. Experts say that the most difficult part of exercising is getting inside the gym. If it is just a block away, it becomes a lot harder to make excuses not to exercise and less painful.

3. Set a goal

Start with simple and realistic goals and then progress to more difficult ones. Remember to make the goals achievable and realistic. It is very easy to give up and get frustrated if your objectives are over ambitious. For instance, if you have not worked out in a while, your short term goal can be to walk for about 10 minutes every day 5 days a week. An intermediate objective can be to walk thirty minutes 5 days a week and a long tem goal might be to walk 5 kilometers every week.

4. Reward yourself

Find something that you would like to achieve so that you strive to attain just that. It can be fitting into a great dress, or a pair of jeans you have bought yourself. You can also treat yourself to something new every month to reward yourself and enjoy for your exercise.

5. Think fun and variety

By nature, human beings need variety and change to stay motivated. We need to have fun even when we are working hard .So if you want to stay motivated, do both! Whether it is a trail run that alters scenery every season or a sculpting and toning class that alters choreography every week, design your workout routine around different methods. Make sure that you include activities that you enjoy and you are eager to do. Think of something that is more like a recreation and makes you even forget that you are working out like hula hooping, dancing or playing sports with friends and family.

So start by changing your mindset and think of yourself as an athlete and not a spectator. Set a goal, reward yourself and have fun. You will be setting yourself up for a life of better health, happiness and more energy for everything in your life.