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Importance of exercise for men as they age

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Exercise is a blessing and its healing powers have been proven countless times. Young adults working hard at the gym is a common sight, but many aging men may not be seen, as they are often busy with other priorities.

The reasons for not exercising or skipping gym vary from person to person. One of the reasons for men not exercising is that they are just unaware of how important it may be for better health and their longevity.

Exercise is not a tool for bigger and bulkier muscles, it does not solely increase muscle mass and strength, it is important for much more, including the prevention of many chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity.

Benefits of exercise for aging men

Exercise can ensure a healthy body regardless of age and sex. The following are some major benefits of exercise for aging men:

  • Delayed aging: One of the most important benefits to start with is the decrease in the rate of aging. Aging is a process related to decrease in functional capability of body organs and tissues due to slow processes of wear and tear. Regular exercise boosts immunity, improves circulation, initiates cell growth and enhances your overall health. Because exercise aids in so many processes, it is no wonder that it helps slow down the aging process too.
  • Cardiac health: Most common causes of morbidity and weakness in body are the heart problems. Exercise keeps cholesterol levels under control and keeps the vessels and heart tissues healthy. Exercise brings down blood pressure and improves hypertension. The heart and oxygen utilization is increased during exercise which leads to increased pumping capacity of heart and a protective mechanism comes to exist to ensure a health cardiac system.
  • Controlled body weight: Exercise causes an increase in the metabolism of the body and enhances chemical reactions. It splits the low-density fats and converts them into high-density fats which are healthy and far less damaging. The weight remains normal and a huge number of diseases are prevented.
  • Sexual health: Aging men usually complain of their decreases libido and weak erection. Exercise is the best option for these men as it can eradicate their sexual problems by maintaining the testosterone levels and increasing blood circulation in the sex organs. Testosterone increases during exercise and plays an important role in the overall health of men in addition to providing a perfect genital system.
  • Brain health: As a man ages, so does his brain. He retentive power reduces with time and he becomes more susceptible to memory-related issues such as Alzheimer's disease. Exercise is a very effective way of increasing the secretions and concentration of some neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain that relieve stress and improve cognitive functions, thus improving your memory.
  • Increased vigor: Muscle and bone strength is most important for a powerful body and for better physical activities. Exercise increases tissue mass for both, bone and muscle.

 How exercise slows down testosterone decline

One of the most important discoveries regarding men and aging is that as a man ages, his testosterone levels come down. It is vital to understand that aging in men and low T can increase a man's risk of acquiring many diseases such as those associated with heart and cognitive function and body weight.

Diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol are also likely causes of low testosterone in males.

A decline in testosterone levels is an inevitable and natural part of life, but it can be slowed down with exercise. Exercise can not only lower risk of low T symptoms but also increase your vigor, libido, strength, stamina and youth.

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