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The Many Medical Benefits of Cannabis

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Marijuana or cannabis as it is also known is getting a lot of attention as more and more states begin to legalize it for recreational or medical usage. It’s also getting attention because of how much it can help people who are suffering from medical issues. Marijuana is a naturally growing plant that produces a flower which can be smoked or ingested; it provides people with a “high”, but it also introduces THC and CBD into their bodies. These two chemicals are the topic of discussion by many medical professionals as they do so many things for the human body. There are even cannabinoid receptors in the human brain whose sole purpose is to receive these chemicals.

What Medical Conditions Can Marijuana Help With?

Because marijuana provides people with an euphoric feeling, it can be used by people who suffer from marijuana related anxiety issues. Previously, patients were taking things like Xanax and Ativan, which have many side effects that people would prefer not to deal with. Smoking the plant can reduce someone’s stress levels immediately and help them calm down, preventing a panic attack. Smoking cannabis is also beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia because it helps them relax.

Those who suffer from PTSD can also benefit from marijuana usage. Many times, a person with PTSD will experience periods where they are so paranoid they are unable to live a regular lifestyle. They will not be able to leave home or hold a conversation with someone because they are under so much stress. Marijuana allows them to relax and be able to go about their life unhindered by their paranoia.

In addition to helping with mental issues, marijuana can also help those who are suffering from inflammation and minor infections. Cannabis has antibacterial properties that make it useful on wounds and was even studied in the 50’s as a treatment for tuberculosis. Marijuana also reduces inflamed muscles, which is why it has been used in many topical solutions for just this purpose. It can be rubbed directly onto a swollen area of the body and will help reduce the inflammation.

It’s common knowledge that marijuana increases one’s appetite, which is why many people choose to use it or were prescribed it by a doctor. Patients who are suffering from AIDS or cancer have been known to use marijuana to help them consume food without feeling nauseous. Chemotherapy can cause someone to feel unwell and make it difficult for them to eat properly. AIDS patients also have trouble getting their appetite up. The human body needs sustenance at all times, even when suffering from a condition that makes someone feel like they aren’t hungry.

Producing The Healthiest Cannabis

Those who use marijuana are commonly interested in consuming the best quality product available. This means they want to be sure what they are putting in their body contains no harsh chemicals or pollutants that could cause unnecessary damage to their bodies. The only way to truly ensure this is to grow the plant yourself. Cannabis seeds can be bought from dispensaries or ordered from the internet.

After procuring (preferably feminized) seeds from a well known supplier of marijuana seeds, one needs to weigh their options for growing. Hydroponic systems produce healthy plants much quicker than a soil medium will, and they also make it easier to control the nutrients the plant is getting. The most important aspect of growing cannabis is providing the plant with the proper nutrition it needs to produce healthy flowers.  The nutrients a plant will need should be researched on the internet before one begins growing. Different strains of marijuana will require drastically different nutrient regimens. Plants that are improperly cared for will not produce the flower a patient is looking for.

The law for producing marijuana varies greatly from state to state and even from county to county, which is why it’s important to find out the legal restrictions in your area before beginning to grow. There’s no reason to pay for expensive medications with adverse side effects when a naturally growing plant can resolve your medical issues.