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Don’t Wait Till You Have Cancer to Get Healthy

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Cancer and other significant illnesses are often described as wakeup calls: crises in the lives of normal people which makes them reevaluate their priorities and start living right. It’s possible for many people who are diagnosed with cancer restructure their lives and beat the disease. The odds are getting better all the time, as these efforts get paired with better medical technology. Still, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. So what can you do to prevent cancer in the first place?


There is no one thing that causes cancer. Nor do the top medical minds in the world have a clear understanding of every factor which goes into cancer genesis. But it is generally understood that cancer is the result of an autoimmune failure. Basically, the body is meant to fight off foreign invaders, as well as its own body cells that start behaving badly. In the latter case, the body is pretty good at identifying cells that aren’t working right. These free radicals, ideally, are identified and neutralized by your body’s immune system. But if they are too many in number, or if you immune system is too weak, some of them can slip through and form aggressive cancers.


The best way to work against this is to prevent it in the first place. Diet and exercise are factors that probably exceed genetics when it comes to cancer risk. By keeping your body in strong shape, your immune system will be much more likely to be able to handle free radical cells, neutralizing them before they become cancer. The same goes with diet. A good diet, made up with large portions of fresh foods, can support an immune system, whereas a poor diet can depress it.


This goes especially for drinking and smoking, both which have been known to effect the immune system. By doing either to excess, one makes oneself a candidate for illnesses like cancer, insofar as a healthy immune system would have helped prevent them. Other issues, like hydration and adequate sleep, also play into your body’s ability to maintain proper cell metabolism.


These steps are very important for people who have family history of cancer (or other life-threatening illness). These efforts are good, but other practical concerns must be addressed. For instance, if you are a primary wage earner or you have dependents, it’s important to consider life insurance if you are at risk for certain types of cancer. That way, you can be sure that these people you love will not go wanting or be saddled with medical debt if cancer should come your way.


Cancer is a struggle for many people. Statistically, it is very likely for people as we age. But it is also possible to delay the onset of cancer through healthy habits. It is also possible to prepare for the financial realities of cancer, long before they become a reality. By using both of these methods, cancer doesn’t have to be an unrealistic worry since it may also be prevented up to 50% of the time, as well.