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Sitting Can Increase Cancer Risk According To New Study

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Sitting Can Increase Cancer Risk According To New Study

Sitting in a chair for long periods or comfortably watching tv on your sofa can increase cancer risk according to recent studies.

A new study made public at the American Cancer Research annual conference , showed the link between lack of exercise and prolonged sitting and chaotic cell growth. Scientists stated that approximately 92.000 patients suffering from breast  and colon cancer can link their disease to physical inactivity and low fitness levels.

The research leader Christine Friedenreich from Alberta Heath Services Cancer Care in Canada, revealed her study findings in the Cancer Prevention Journal.

The study was conducted on post-menopausal woman and showed a decrease in cancer risk biological factors, progesterone and estrogen levels, body insulin resistance and inflammatory biological markers.

Although scientists have not determined the link between inflammation and cancer risk , it is well-known not that cytokines ( immune system cells that encourage cell multiplication and inhibit cell death), pay a major role in increasing cancer risk. Previous studies demonstrated that after activation (caused by inflammation) , immune cells start releasing O2 and N2 that can lead to DNA alteration.

In the case of colon and breast cancer, an overall 25%-30% decrease in risk factors was associated with improved fitness levels. The bottom line is that even a minimal improvement of one’s fitness level can reduce cancer risks.

On the other hand another has revealed that those present good fitness levels but sit in certain position for long periods of time are also at higher risk of cancer.

Scientists from Australia Baker Heart And Diabetes Institute showed that even short breaks can help prevent certain conditions.

Sitting Cancer Risk

Sitting Cancer Risk

Neville Owen, study leader stated that there are more and more clues that will place “sitting” on the cancer risk factors list. The period of sitting is also correlated with a higher cancer risk and the phenomenon is not related to weight or fitness level.

Doctor Owen is hopeful that his research results will be taken seriously resulting in some workplace regulations such as longer breaks, standing desks, and removing trash baskets.

Make Time + Pause Time = Cancer Prevention