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5 Surprise Foods That Affect Diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition that makes monitoring sugar intake very important. And though it is also an important thing for other people too, not keeping blood glucose levels in check could lead to very severe consequences in people who have either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. In an attempt to help ease the strain that diet management can bring for people with certain conditions, 121doc have provided us with a handy guide of 5 foods that can provide you with unlooked for sugar.


Ready-made tomato sauces

It turns out that some tomato-based products could add a surprise injection of sugar into your diet. Although they aren’t products that a person might necessarily connect to high sugar levels, these products can be a risk for exactly that reason. Manufacturers add sugar to many of these foods to balance out the acidity that occurs otherwise. Very often someone who is supposed to be watching their intake may not consider the sugar that they’ll be taking in when they add tomato ketchup to their dinner¦


Fruit juices

Although most people do realise that they’re fruit drinks contain sugar, they may not realise how much they contain. Perhaps more importantly, though, people often don’t think much about what they’re drinking, and counting calories and sugar is regularly limited to food. If you do enjoy fruit drinks then it’s perhaps worth managing your intake to make sure that you don’t accidentally tip over into the dangerous blood glucose levels.


Dried fruit

Dried fruit, similarly to fruit juices, is one of those things that people often forget to measure when they’re watching their sugar intake. Providing an easy snack and a part of your daily fruit intake, many of us don’t consider the sugar that’s hidden in foods like raisins and currants. It’s made worse in many cases because manufacturers often add sugar or sweetener to counteract the tartness of the dried fruit.


Ready meals

For a while it’s been widely accepted that ready meals are worse for a person than freshly prepared alternatives, and one of the reasons is the additives. Depending on what it is that you’re looking for in a meal, you’re unlikely to take a look at the sugars in these foods “ and as most people tend to look only at the calorie count, it’s very easy to assume that you’re fine without worrying about the sugar intake these meals can bring.



Most of us would consider a yoghurt to be a fairly healthy choice for an after meal snack. Small and almost always plastered with slogans about how good for you they are, very few of us take the time to see how much sugar we’re taking in. Although greek yoghurt is very often a good choice, research has shown that the average favoured variety can contain as much as 20 grams of extra sugar!


If you do have diabetes then it is important that you monitor your diet, and especially your sugar intake, carefully. Keeping an eye on the ingredients and trying to cook with as many fresh foods as you can is an excellent way to guarantee that you’re getting the nutrients that you need, without overloading your blood glucose levels.