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Man boobs causes and remedies

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Men Boobs

Men Boobs

Gynecomastia or Man's boobs is a common endocrine disorder. This disorder tends to leave large breast tissue in males.

Gynecomastia is found in three different age populations:

  • Newborns:  It can happen in about 60-90% of male infants but it is all sorted out well on its own.
  •  Adolescents: When we talk of adolescents, atleast 70% males are such which suffer from Gynecomastia in such an age and it usually happens because of stress.
  •  It can also happen in men who are above 50 years. Such a category is called as Gynecomastia and is there in 24-65% men between 50 and 80.  There can be various reasons attributed to it one of them being testosterone production.

Gynecomastia has started to show in recent years in men because a lot of different steroids and usage of chemicals that kind of simulate estrogen levels are now present in consumables, that tends to trigger such a situation.



Breast reduction surgeries to correct gynecomastia are becoming increasingly common. In 2006, there were 14,000 procedures of this type performed in the United States alone, such surgeries are expensive and often do not yield the desired results.



There have been various breast reduction surgeries to cure Gynecomastia,  that have been introduced for men.  About 20,000 such procedures were performed in U.K. There is usually a lot of risk involved because the desired results are not always achieved. It is usually frustrating for men because they cannot show their bare chest which other men can do. They cannot dress in the way they would love to. You usually feel demotivated when other mock at you and you are reduced to ashes every morning when you see yourself in the bathroom.


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You actually have not felt like the real man before and it is time you stop thinking what to do next since this guide will ensure you a complete prevention from Gynecomastia.  You just need to see that you are able to eat right. What is that something that you should leave from your diet immediately, have a good chest, what blunders not to repeat, certain exercises that should be part of your routine, good sleeping patterns, knowledge of certain growth hormones, why not to do push ups, motivating you to complete riddance of these male boobs and all those secret solutions to a flat chest.

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