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Why are you not losing fat?

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Why are you not losing fat? This is a big question and everybody wants an answer for this. However, the answer is not very simple. There are many things that you are probably doing wrong. You need to know what you should do and what you should avoid. Let’s find out why you’re not losing fat.

weight loss

weight loss

Cardio is not the only answer

Even though somebody told you or you know that Cardio helps you to lose fat, but it may not be entirely true. Cardio is not the only answer to losing fat. Traditional cardio cannot help you to lose fat. It’s not good enough because it doesn’t help you to burn enough calories. You can continuously increase the duration of your cardio workout, but your body will find a way to negate that. You’ll find out that even if you have increased your cardio workout, you are actually burning fewer calories than before. Intervals can help you to burn more calories during the same period of time.

You are cheating and cheating it wrong

You are cheating on your diet. Cheating occasionally is fine, but need to know how to do it. If you are undergoing a calorie deficit, leptin levels in your body will go down. It is a hormone that controls weight loss. Leptin when it is in low quantity makes losing weight harder. It may also result in gaining more fat. To restore leptin level in your body, you need an occasional high carb meal. However, high carb doesn’t mean you should also include foods that are high fat.

Not enough protein

You are eating fine, but you’re probably not eating enough protein. If you reduce your protein intake, it will slow down your fat loss. Your body needs to burn more calories for digestion of protein in comparison to other nutrients. You also need protein because it keeps you full and helps you to maintain the muscle mass. It helps in shedding your extra body fat.  High protein diet also offers other benefits like improved body composition, insulin levels and cholesterol markers. That is why you need a diet rich in protein. You need to 1 g of protein per pound of your body weight.

You are very much stressed

Your mental and physical stress also has a  direct impact on fat loss. Mental and physical stress, increases cortisol. If cortisol is present in high levels in your body, it will interfere with testosterone and the production of growth hormone. As a result, the muscle growth will reduce and fat gain will happen. It will also weaken your bone.

Use yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, stretching or any other method to relax and decompress yourself. You should also take a rest from your workout for at least one day in the week. Over training will also increase the cortisol levels in your body.

Not tracking your diet

When you’re trying to lose fat, it is important that you track your diet. Tracking your diet is important so as to know what you have been eating. Your diet will decide how much fat loss happens. If you keep a food Journal, you will be able to know exactly what you ate at what point of time. It will keep you accountable and keep you informed. It will keep your awareness up about the food you are eating and will help you to make better choices.


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