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Sports and exercise safety

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Sport Safty

What a constructive thought is to engross yourselves in sports and other exercises especially in today's times when businesses are giving jobs more based on your skill sets rather than the degrees you earn. You are basically increasing your employability by making your minds active and keeping open to practicalities of life honing yourself at every turn. But like every gift in the world comes with a caution, we need to play safe. So, no matter which activity you chose, where you play, when you play, how well you play, you got to play safe. Take a note of the following parameters. They are surely going to come handy:


No matter how strong you are, no matter how good diet you might take, you are most likely to fall prey to the weather if precaution is not taken. When it is hot, water must be well replenished in your bodies at all times. Before you send yourselves to fight these small sporty battles, ensure that you are able to endure the weather well while playing. Not able to judge things well in advance of time might result in accidents on the playfield, underperformances and even demotivation to the levels that you lose the war of the long term goals taking small battles casually. Wear a sunscreen of an optimum level of SPF and sporty shades to do away the sun.

When it is really cold, you are prone to losing your body heat while perspiring therefore giving undue invitation to cold. Try to perspire as little as you can. If you are into water sports and activities, you need to take extra care of yourself in winters. Water is most likely to rob you of the heat of your body. So, it might be necessary to play your sport for you at all times, but it is more necessary to firstly look if your body is strong enough to brave the cold.


Equipment hits the Checklist number 2. This comes off as a second priority after you have reached the grounds and made yourself well acquainted with the weather. Equipments are necessary to verify to prevent any kind of injuries on the field. There are some particular benchmarks that the equipment must follow in order for your own safety_

*Order the right size of the wear you chose for yourself whether it is your shoes, Sports tee, vest or lowers. Very loose clothes/shoes would make you trip and too tight would make you uncomfortable and difficult for any kind of movement.

*Condition of the sports gear should be checked. Let's say you are climbing a hill, make sure the rope is not being used the 3rd time and is replaced after it has lived off its age.

Some safety gear includes mouth guards, helmets, abdominal guards, gloves, shin guards etc.


The place where you are going to play should not have any holes or burrows else you might have an Alice in the Wonderland adventure all by yourself. Also look for things like stray glass, plastic, stones, barbed wire, sharp objects or metal to save your body from any injury while playing.

Follow the rules

Do not try to dare yourself on certain occasions to violate the rule just to see what happens or try being brave. So, imagine you do not know swimming and you decide not to wear a life jacket in order to show off or taking it as a challenge to win a bet. You may not win the bet. You would lose your life. So, be mature, practical and follow the instructions as told to you in the beginning.