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Importance of Relaxation for Busy Moms

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From the time they wake up, moms typically keep busy all day long. No matter what, they always have a long to-do list and all day long they work to tick those things off their list. Waking up kids, getting them ready for school, making their tiffin, feeding them, dropping them to school, groceries, cooking food, laundry, ironing, etc., the list is in fact, never-ending. After kids are back from school they have to help them with their homework, feed them, take them for after school activities and more. And if you are a working mom, you are always going to feel the shortage of time no matter how much you plan ahead. The day will pass in the blink of an eye and soon it will be time for bed. And the next day the same cycle starts. With such a hectic daily schedule, there is rarely anytime for moms to take care of their own selves.

The responsibilities a mom shoulders needs her to be on her toes all the time; she needs to be active and energized all the time. Since, she needs to take care of the family, it is important that she takes out the time for herself too, to recharge her batteries, to be ready for anything life throws at her. Otherwise, in the process of taking care of her kids, the house, her job, she is likely to burn herself out. The daily pressure of family life can not only be physically taxing on her, but can also take an emotional toll.

If that sounds like your kind of story, then here are our top tips on how can you fit in some personal relaxation time in your hectic daily schedule:

  1. Get up at least half an hour before your kids do, or stay up late at night. This will give you the time for yourself. When your kids are up, things will need to move at a frantic pace and you will have to execute one thing after the other. That's why waking ahead or staying late is the best way to have some personal time. You can utilize this time to take a walk, read books, listen to some music or simply to have a quiet time and plan the day.
  2. Let your husband take care of the kids a couple of times a month. Kids need to spend some time with their father too. You can utilize this time to go shopping for self, take a trip to the spa, meet your friends for coffee, etc. Since, this is your time you should treat yourself the way you like.
  3. Cooking in a batch helps in saving the time you spend on cooking every day. The extra food can be frozen and can be used later when needed. It can be really handy on days you already have a lot to do and feel like taking a break from cooking.
  4. Turn mundane tasks into a self-pampering experience. When you have a lot of ironing to do, put on your favorite music. While taking bath, add candles, put on some relaxing music to elevate your bathing to a spa-like experience. Jazz up your ordinary tasks to extra-ordinary.
  5. Exercise regularly. It may sound like too much when you already have a hectic schedule, but keeping fit is really important to be able to relax. When we exercise, feel good hormones are released in the body that relieves tension and stress, and makes us feel invigorated.

Moms should take a break from their stressful and hectic schedules to recharge themselves. They have to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of everyone in the house. Without them around, things will be a total mess.