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How massage can help your sore muscles

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Whenever we hear the word massage, it creates an image where we expect deep relaxation and stress relief. Different scientific studies done on the subject found that deep touch and massage can help you ?ease pain and promote healing in your sore muscles.

When you massage your body, it affects the activity of certain scenes in your body and that can directly reduce inflammation in muscles. It works better than taking some medicines. Whether you are having a sore muscles due to exercise or a bad sleep posture or something else, a massage can help you recover from it fast.

Massage is good

When you massage your muscles, it sets off a series of molecular events in the muscles. These events can help to reverse discomfort that may happen after exercise. Massage can reduce inflammation and pain because it can dampen the activity of proteins called as inflammatory cytokines. When you massage your body, it also increases levels of proteins that signal the muscles to produce more mitochondria. Mitochondria produce energy and helping muscles recover from different ?activities.

Scientific studies found that massage has the same pain-relieving effects as medicines like aspirin, ibuprofens, naproxen and others. It can work similar to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Does massager work?

Massage works by effecting physiological changes in your body. It does that through the relaxation response and mechanical response. These responses can help you by producing physical and emotional benefits.

Relaxation response

When you get a massage, if it is a caring and safe touch, it is like an invitation to relax. It helps you to create a relaxation response. This is a state where your heart and breathing rate is low, your BP is low, production of stress hormone reduces and your muscles relax. This relaxation response also increases the level of serotonin, which is a chemical that positively affects your thoughts and emotions.

The relaxation response can also reduce the physical effects of stress and ?reduce the risk associativity stress, including hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, cardiac problems, persistent fatigue, sexual dysfunction, digestive disorders and other psychological issues.

Mechanical responses

Mechanical responses are another benefit from different ?massages. The physical manipulation that happens in massage can have two types of important physical effects on you. It can increase in blood and limb circulation and it can cause relaxation and normalization of the soft tissue that includes muscles, tendance, connective tissues and ligaments.

When you undergo a massage therapy, it improves your blood and lymph circulation. Better circulation can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to different cells, including your muscle cells.

Massage therapy also helps you to relax muscle tissues. That reduces painful contraction and spasms. Massage can also help you by reducing nerve compression.

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