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Problematic supplements-be careful

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There are millions of supplements available for different reasons and they claim to offer different benefits to the user. However, not all pills, capsules, and powders do a decline. Also, some supplements contain unapproved and even dangerous ingredients. Taking such supplements can be harmful and even fatal for you.

Different people take different dietary supplements and I believe that these pills, powders, and drinks can increase vitamin and mineral intake, can offer them more energy, and offer several other important health benefits.

It is a multibillion-dollar industry. Dietary supplements are helpful for people who do not get the necessary minerals and vitamins from the diet. There are some people who suffer from different diseases and who may need such minerals and supplements from outside sources.

However, supplements can also increase the risk of complications during surgery. They may also cause harmful drug interactions and side effects sometimes. So, what do you need to know before you take health supplements?

Do your homework

Supplements do not prevent, treat, or cure diseases like prescription medications, and so manufacturers of these supplements are not required to follow the same stringent regulations. They are not on the regulations. The manufacturers and distributors ensure the safety of their products. It means, since there are no regulations, some unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors may sell anything for profit.

Sometimes, there is no guarantee that the supplements were tested thoroughly before you started using them. Different scientific studies published in different journals suggest that not all supplements contain the ingredients or amount of ingredients they claim. Such dietary supplements may include anything “ and weight loss, pre-workout supplements, energy boosters, and others.

Many of the supplements also contain unapproved ingredients. It is a major concern in supplements that are taken for sexual enhancement, weight loss, or muscle building. They also contain some contaminants. These contaminants are typically pharmaceutical drugs that may have the potential to cause serious side effects and reactions.

Even though many supplements may contain such harmful or forbidden ingredients, those rain radiance when not listed on the supplement packaging.

 Only 46% of such products which contain contaminated or banned ingredients were voluntarily recalled. Not all manufacturers and distributors are interested in removing or changing the potentially harmful ingredients from their products. Different researches done on the subject also found that dangerous supplements are still available to consumers despite warnings.

Beware of false claims

There are many false claims seen with supplements. There are claims that folic acid helps prevent heart defects and calcium and vitamin D supplements can improve bone health. These are true but not all claims are true.

More research is necessary before buying such supplements. For example, there are many weight loss supplements available in the market as fat burners, appetite suppressants, and others but they cannot keep the weight off for long. Some of them may also have harmful side effects.

You should ??also watch out for the word natural. Some natural herbs may be safe for consumption, but some others may not be safe for human consumption. They may also be contaminated during processing or may be intentionally contaminated using prescription drugs.

Follow directions carefully

While using supplements, you need to follow the directions very carefully. Never take more than the recommended dose and never combined supplements. Do not take supplements with other medications or substitute medicines with supplements.