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Auto Accident 101: All about hiring a lawyer in Nevada

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Car accidents can be destructive and derail the lives of those involved. If you ever have the misfortune of getting involved in a car accident in Nevada, your first step should be about calling for medical help. Among other things, you have to consider hiring a lawyer. Law firms, such as Naqvi Accident Injury Law, who work with victims of car accidents for their claims and lawsuits, and you can expect a free initial consultation. In this post, we are sharing more about hiring a lawyer in Nevada. 

When should you call a lawyer?

Hiring an accident lawyer is entirely your personal call. However, you should consider hiring one, if: 

  1. You were partly at fault for the accident
  2. Your injuries are severe
  3. You have sustained injuries that can impact your ability to earn
  4. The fault is unclear
  5. The insurance company has denied your claim

Understanding the laws

Nevada is an at-fault state. This means that if a person is proved to be responsible for causing a car accident, they are responsible for the damages and injuries. Also, there is the modified comparative negligence rule, which only allows for proportional recovery. For instance, you were injured in an accident and your compensation has been marked at $20,000. At the same, it was established that you were 30% at blame for the crash. In such a situation, you will only get 70% of your compensation, which is $14,000. However, if your role in the accident is more than 50%, you will not get anything at all. 

How to hire an accident lawyer in Nevada?

Your best bet is to check for top-rated accident lawyers in the state, and most of the law firms will be happy to offer a free consultation. When you meet an accident lawyer for the first time, ask questions like:

  1. How long have you been working as an accident lawyer?
  2. What do you think of my claim? What is it worth?
  3. Is there a chance of trial?
  4. Will you help me file the insurance claim?
  5. Can you share a few references?

Make sure that the lawyer you hire is known, has good reviews, and is accessible. Also, while it is possible for many lawyers to work on a contingency basis for car accident lawsuits, it all depends on the facts of the case. Ask about all the relevant expenses related to your action, so that you are financially prepared.