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Healthy snack bars

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If you stand in front of the rows of snack bars at your local supermarket or in a health store, you’ll be surprised with the choices you have in healthy snack bars. The pictures and words on the cover talk about wholesome foods and nutritious bars which can help you to keep going.

Let’s find out more about the snack bars that you can eat when you are hungry. 

Whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fruit

Snack bars often contain high amounts of whole grain, nuts, seeds, and fruits. Such snack bars will be higher in nutrients and fiber. They will be able to provide you with longer-lasting energy and better health.

Less healthy choices

There are snack bars available that contain a topping of yogurt or chocolate. Such snack bars are high in saturated fat, sugar, and overall calories.

Baked biscuits or cake style bars

You will find these cake-style bars with high levels of fat or sugar or both. They also contain lots of calories. Many of them come in serving sizes that are too small to satisfy your hunger.

Fruit bars and fruit-filled bars

Some of the fruit bars and fruit-filled bars are good for you as they offer real fruits and the benefits associated with real fruits. They will also satisfy your hunger better. There are some other fruit-filled bars, which are high in sugars and can also be bad for your teeth. Some of them are low in fiber and so they are not very satisfying.

Rice-based bars

There are some snack bars available that are rice-based. They are low in calories but they also contain little protein and fiber. They may not be able to satisfy your hunger.

High energy bars

Some snack bars can offer more than a snack. Some of them are capable of offering more than 100 kJ and they are very similar to a square meal. They can easily satisfy your hunger.

How to choose the right bar?

If your daily life is normal and not so active, then you need a snack bar that is less than 600 kJ but if you’re active and you need a higher energy snack, the fruit-based and the but-based bars are nutritious options for you. The amount of energy provided by the snack bar will depend on the ingredients and also on the size of the bar. A wholegrain bar is always good for you as it will satisfy your hunger and will also provide health benefits. 

Choose a bar with less sugar and less saturated fat. Choose a bar that contains more fiber as it helps in achieving a healthy heart and healthy bowel movement and also helps in weight management. 

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