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What is a Drug Detox Program?

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A good rehabilitation center is going to describe a detox program the way the people at AION Health would. This program might be described as “medically supervised treatment plans to manage withdrawal symptoms due to alcohol or drug detoxification that matches the patient's needs.”

The type of treatment or treatments given to the patient depends on needs. These are personalized and flexible so that the specialist can modify the treatment as needed. Part of the reason the detox treatment needs to be monitored is so that it can be modified to make things easier for the patient.

Who Needs a Detox Program?

It’s easy to say that the person who needs a program like this is addicted to drugs. The problem is addiction isn’t always easy to see. A simpler way of answering this question is to say that the person who needs a program like this is the person who needs the substances to feel normal.

Now, normal can be defined in many ways since each person has his or her unique personality. If a person needs a little bit of the substance to feel happy, content, friendly, or whatever that person feels when he or she feels normal, then this person might be in trouble.

Sometimes, a few folks think this program is not for them because they believe their own will is strong enough. The withdrawal symptoms can be quite drastic, and it’s best to go through this with someone rather than fighting it alone.

How Long is a Detox Program?

Good rehab programs for drug addiction last as long as they need to. Some can last as little as three days, but others could last for seven days. It depends on the patient, how dependent the patient is to the substances, and how experienced the folks in the rehab center are. For some folks, it also depends on their support system, which could give them moral support. It’s better to not think too much about the time and just focus on the goal.

Dangers of Doing This Alone

The most obvious danger of doing this alone is failing to go through with it. The withdrawal symptoms could force a person to fail. Some of these symptoms include the following:

  • Severe anxiety
  • Severe depression
  • Extreme shakiness
  • DT or delirium tremens, which is a condition that includes fever and seizures, which can also put a person’s life at risk.
  • Some folks experience hallucinations.
  • A few people deal with insomnia.
  • A person could feel drastic changes in blood pressure which could be scary.

Some of these things could make it nearly impossible for a person to go through this alone. Good rehab programs for drug addiction are just a phone call away, so it’s important to choose the safest route when thinking of quitting a substance.