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The Little Things Are Making A Big Difference For Students At Elevations RTC

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Whenever Elevations RTC welcomes new students for a stay of six to twelve months, there is always a bit of an unknown from both sides. Not only is this a new type of experience for the students, but the professional staff for Elevations RTC knows that everyone has their unique personality. What works for one student might not work for the next, which makes adaptation and flexibility as major keys.

Since becoming fully accredited, Elevations RTC has built out a staff that stacks up against any other option in the country. One of the main selling points for the treatment center is a focus on small details that make a big difference. With a lot of competition, the extra details increase the chance of overall success with each student.

Small groups for outstanding support

Teens are placed into small treatment teams at Elevations RTC ranging from 10-16 students. The administration also considers interests, age, and clinical profile, as the goal is to connect students with other teenagers who are interested in the same things. In a sense, the small groups become their own communities, and students can rely on each other to share experiences and get through everything.

In some instances, students keep in touch after meeting at Elevations. It is a challenging time for many, but those who get through it will have happy memories and an interest in sharing how everything worked out.

Specialists to handle any situation

The amount of specialists available at Elevations makes even unique problems so much easier to handle. There are teachers, clinicians, psychiatrists, medical professionals, and more who work directly with students depending on their needs. From special mental health issues to trying to learn a brand new skill, having someone there to rely on helps tremendously. It removes that sense of isolation and normalizes an interest that might otherwise seem a bit abnormal in the eyes of peers.

Elevations encourages every student to be themselves and not shy away from being different. Finding a passion for helping use as a diversion can provide lifelong help.

Prioritizing recreation and leisure

Too many residential treatment programs do not put enough value into developing opportunities for students to have recreational and leisure opportunities. It is a balance that is important for any healthy lifestyle, and it is a way to distract the mind.

Elevations RTC loves finding a real passion for every student. Every single student comes in with something they are interested in, and supporting a wide array of activities keeps many students involved. Elevations even offer specialists for many different activities to help improve skill levels during their time.

Physical activities are particularly important to stay healthy. While a lot of traditional schools are cutting physical education classes, Elevations believes that they are an essential part of an adolescent’s life. Developing healthy habits when the majority of kids have a fast metabolism and overall good health can help keep them in shape later on in life.

Finding any physical activity to take the mind off of stressful situations helps tremendously. Students not into traditional sports might find fun in going on camping trips, hiking, or some other activity that still provides some bit of cardio along the way. 


Overall, a lot of what Elevations RTC provides can boil down to one word: acceptance. Everyone is coming to Elevations for different reasons, but it is a judgment-free zone where everyone is welcomed. A lot of other centers claim to offer this, but they have too many limitations to assist fully.

With tweaks made all the time, families can count on Elevations to provide help and that special touch for every single student.