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5 Surprising Facts Every Man Needs to Know About Semen

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It’s something you might feel uncomfortable talking about, but it’s something that you encounter in your everyday life. Your semen is an inevitable part of your sex life. Here you can read a few things you should know about your semen.

1. Why you might care.

Okay, so you might be thinking why the heck should I care about my semen? Understandably so, but the truth is that your concern can make your climax more pleasurable for you. If this doesn’t matter to you, and you’re just fine with average, it’s worth reading for other reasons.

All jokes aside, it’s critical to consider these points in case you decide to start a family someday, or if you’re currently having trouble conceiving. It’s a likely thing you may encounter as studies report that one in three causes is due to the men’s fertility problems. No matter your reason, it’s worth learning about how to increase your semen volume to make your life just a little bit better.

2. Look at your lifestyle.

One of the biggest contributing factors to any part of a healthy functioning body is the choices you make in your everyday life. You want to try to find highly nutritious foods. Specific foods that are good for increasing semen volume include healthy-fatty foods like walnuts and healthy fish. Other foods that are good to add to your diet are whole grains and lean meats. Pretty much, follow a diet that limits overly-processed and fast foods.

Another big thing to consider is limiting your alcohol intake. Drinking excessively isn’t a positive thing for your general health, and the same notion applies to your sperm health too. You should also note that excessive caffeine intake can negatively affect your sperm motility and amount. These might seem strict, but by limiting the ingestion of these two things you’ll be steps closer to healthier sperm and better sperm count.

3. Be conscious of chemicals.

Chemicals are everywhere. You can’t avoid them 24/7, but by understanding where you might encounter them you can choose to avoid any unnecessary exposure. Some places where chemicals might hide are in your soaps, deodorant, and cologne. It’s also known that plastics within things like Tupperware contain chemicals that can be harmful when heated up. It’s recommended you check your body products for chemicals like dibromochloropropane, styrene, and acetone.

Other places where chemicals run rampant are in things like old paint and pesticides. If you work with either of these, it’s to best to be aware if there’s any way you can limit your exposure.

4. Be mindful of relaxation.

It’s all connected. If you’re feeling stressed, tired, and overwhelmed is improving your sex life and overall sperm volume is probably not at the top of the list. The deadline for your big project at work is due, your behind on cleaning, and now you feel more exhausted than ever.

Research shows that overexposure to the stress hormone, cortisol directly impacts testosterone. What this means for you, find ways to relax. Whether that’s starting a moderate workout regimen to blow off some steam, turning off work while you’re home, or practicing mindfulness throughout the day, it’s a key factor in your capability of sperm production.

5. Try supplements.

Last up is to consider adding supplements to your routine. This can be something as simple as vitamins and minerals like zinc, coenzymeQ10, vitamin b12, vitamin c or d. For a more specific supplement that combines many of these into one that can also help increase your sperm volume, check out VigRX Tongkat Ali LJ100. VigRX also makes another supplement more geared towards the fertility of your sperm. Combining all of these factors and adding a supplement is a sure-fire way to get the results you desire.