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10 Important Things You Need to Know to Gain Muscle

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Gaining muscle is a complicated process. You may be working hard for a while, but observing no satisfactory result and don’t even know what wrong is going on, right? The fact is, like many others, you may have stepped into the process without a proper action plan and the essential knowledge to get most out of your strength training. Well, hit a pause, and it’s time to adopt some new habits! It is even more challenging if you are a skinny person that requires some extra push to see notable changes. Besides eating a bit more, you need to practice muscle gain workout for skinny guys, have precise knowledge about this process, and follow some essential rules rigorously! 

Facts You Need to know about Muscle-building

Guys want to look tough, and feel bigger, right? There is no rocket science to get what you desire through this process. You need to have a proper plan, stick to it, and gather knowledge about some crucial factors. To help you out, we are describing here the 10-success principles of gaining muscle. 

It’s all about Calories

Your body needs a lot of energy to ensure proper muscle growth. That indicates you need to make sure you consume an adequate amount of calories daily. 

It Needs Protein

Muscle gaining is a highly metabolic process, and your body requires an adequate amount of protein to build new ones. In fact, it is one of the most significant micronutrients that helps your body sustain the present muscle mass and recover from the stress of the exercise you are doing. Try to balance the amount of protein intake with your activity level, as an excess of them, especially from animal sources may lead to kidney problems. For ensuring proper growth, your body needs 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body-weight every day. 

You Need Carbohydrate also

Though protein is the primary catalyst for building new fibers, you cannot get the aspired result unless you eat enough carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are protein saving elements that get stored in the tissues in the form of glycogen to fuel up the workouts. Without enough carbs, your body won’t get the required amount of energy to power you for the exercise. A lack of this nutrient may also lead to muscle breakdown! 

Frequent Eating is a Must

When you aim to build muscle, you need to eat more frequently, particularly 5- times a day, maintaining a routine, for boosting the metabolism process of the body. If you keep working out without eating more, your body will use the muscles, especially the skinny ones, to produce power. 

Building Muscle and Weight Loss is not a Simultaneous Process 

Yes, it’s true! Increasing muscle mass and losing weight simultaneously is impossible unless you are trained by the folk of scientists! You have to consume a ton of calories in muscle-building while limiting body-weight requires to cut them off! So, while aiming to gain muscle, forget about weight loss, exercise enough, and increase your calorie intake to the required level. 

Focus on Post-workout Meal

Having a balanced meal after completing each training session ensures your body can supply the energy to spur the recovery process. After working out, your tissues get sored, and the glycogen level decreases. When you intake a nutritious meal, it helps the body spur the healing process and allow the fibers to become developed. The optimal ratio of carbohydrates to proteins of a post-workout food for fast growth is 2:1.

Women don’t Get too Bulky

If you are a woman, you must be worried thinking that strength work-out may make you too bulky. Well, it’s actually a misconception. Men get bulky mostly because of their testosterone level that a female body lacks. Strength training plays a very significant role in maintaining good health, and don’t worry, it never bulks up a female body!  

Proper Sleep Ensures Proper Recovery

If you are going through strength training, you also need to give your body to heal from the stress of this complex process. Besides a balanced diet, sound sleep ensures this healing process. When you take proper and sound sleep, your body gets sufficient time to heal your body, burn calories, and spur the building process. For optimal development, you need to sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. 

Muscle-building Needs Muscle Damage! 

It may sound a bit conflicting, but the fact is, you have to exhaust your muscle fibers to spur their growth. Push your muscle fibers to complete failure (8-12 repetitions) and stop when you can no longer perform a repetition with proper form. 

You Need to Break the Routine

The ‘muscle memory’ of our body helps muscles to get adapted with exercise we perform for an extended period, decreasing the stress and damage the activities can cause. But in the strength training process, you need to put stress on them to gain mass and get developed, right? So, skip following the same routine, change them every 8-12 weeks, and introduce new challenges to counterbalance the muscle memory process. 

Final Thought

With growing age, our body loses muscle mass, but it doesn’t mean our body loses the capability to develop new ones. With planned habits, precise knowledge about the process, and a proper diet, you can gain muscle and stay fit even at your fifties!