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Infographic: What to Eat and What Not to Eat During Pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, a healthy diet plays an important role in the overall well-being of the mother and the baby. As a pregnant woman, your body needs essential nutrients to cope up with the many changes. Also, what you eat is going to be shared with the baby and aid in his/her development and growth.

Every expectant mother is advised to take prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. Likewise, along with that, you also need to eat foods that are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Thus, mentioned-below is a list of foods that you need to eat and completely avoid during your pregnancy.

What to Eat During Pregnancy?

  • Fruits and Dairy Products: To balance hormones and strengthen the immune system include fruits like berries, kiwis, oranges, apple, bananas etc in your diet. Also, calcium is essential for both the mother and the baby, so dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese (certain types) as well as dried fruits should be a part of your diet.
  • Veggies and Legumes: These are the super-foods that you can't do without during your pregnancy. In veggies, dark green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli are packed with essential nutrients that can help prevent iron-deficiency anaemia during pregnancy. In legumes; lentils, soya beans, chickpeas, and red kidney beans are a great choice as they are high in fiber and folate, which reduces the risk of birth defects.
  • Fish and Lean Meat: In fish, salmon and sardines are a safer choice as they have a very low level of mercury and are rich in high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Lean meat, on the other hand, is a good source of iron, protein and vitamin B12. To prevent low-birth-weight and premature delivery, you can add lean meat like chicken, lamb, and beef to your diet.

What Not to Eat During Pregnancy?

  • Fish with a high-level of mercury should be avoided. Also, raw sprouts are a complete no-no.
  • Alcohol and smoking is another thing you should avoid during pregnancy along with excessive caffeine and herbal teas.
  • Any food that is raw or undercooked should not be eaten. This includes veggies, eggs, seafood, fruits, etc.
  • Processed foods are low in nutrients while canned foods can be toxic. So avoid these.
  • Also, street foods can cause digestive problems and could lead food poisoning.

Want to know more about pregnancy nutrition? Take a look at the comprehensive infographic below.

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