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The Most Common Dental Procedures

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Most of us visit our dentist at least twice a year and are either told our teeth are fine of that we need work to be carried out. But what are the most common dental procedures out there and what do they involve? This article will help to answer this question.


Many dentists carry out bonding treatments on most days. This is a treatment that is used to repair discolored, chipped, fractured or decayed teeth. It can also be used to close the gap between teeth. Dentists typically carry out this procedure by mixing composite resin into a paste. The resin will then have color added so it matches your teeth. Multiple layers of resin are added before it is hardened. Finally, the resin will be shaped and polished so the bonding looks natural.

Bridges and Implants

Your family dentist has probably carried out a lot of bridges and implants. These are used to replace missing teeth. Bridges are false teeth that are kept in place by the tooth next to them. Implants are artificial roots that are used to support false teeth. Bridges and implants can look very natural and they can make biting and chewing food so much easier.

Caps and Crowns

A cap or a crown is a cover that sits over a broken, decayed or damaged tooth. This procedure usually takes more than one visit but the result can be a natural-looking tooth that is very strong. A cap or a crown is usually made from porcelain, metal, or acrylic. They are typically used for front teeth.

The tooth will need to be frozen and filed down so a cap can be added. An impression of the tooth is made and a temporary cap will be added. When the permanent cap is added it will look similar to your other teeth.


Extractions are usually required if a tooth is severely damaged. Occasionally, teeth might also need to be removed due to over-crowding. This occurs when there are so many teeth in the mouth that your bite is affected. Extracting some teeth will ensure the rest of the teeth can sit in the mouth correctly. It also ensures that it's easier to bite down on and chew food.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth tend to naturally darken with age. However, they can also become stained due to the consumption of coffee, tea, smoking, or even damage to the teeth. There are a range of teeth whitening procedures available. To get the best results you should always visit your dentist. If you do not wish to visit your dentist you might want to consider using whitening toothpaste.

There are many different dental procedures carried out every day. However, the above procedures tend to be the most common. If you're considering undergoing any of the above procedures please speak to your dentist. They will advise you on the procedures and offer other solutions if they don't think they're suitable. Visit your dentist at least twice a year so they can look after your teeth.