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Understanding Dental Implant Dentistry in Burlington

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The healthcare sector has experienced a lot of technological advancements more so in the procedures and equipment. Dentistry is one of those sectors that have really benefited from such advancements as you can witness the evolution of many procedures in this field.

Dentistry as a branch of medicine deals with the health and integrity of teeth, which are very important organs. One of the notable advancements in this field is the advent of dental implant dentistry which paves the way for many other dental procedures.  A slight glance at dental implant dentistry is going to let us deeper into it.

What Is Dental Implant Dentistry?


Dental implant dentistry is a dental technology aimed at replacing missing teeth by having an implant on your jaw. This implant is mostly made out of titanium, a metal that is compatible with your jawbone and has minimal or no immune side effects. The titanium implant serves as the root of an artificial tooth that is set to replace a missing one.

With this technology, the case of missing teeth in your mouth is soon going to be extinct.

Most of the time one dental implant is affixed onto your jaw bone for the denture to be fixated onto it.

However, some situations do call for some modifications for a proper fit. If you are missing a set of teeth in a row, a dental bridge on implants is recommended. Here a set of the titanium roots is fixed onto your jaw bone. Then a dental bridge is fixed upon this implant forming an implant base for your tooth replacement.

The implants can also be used for removable or permanent denture where you chose the denture type you want, then the implant is profiled according to your specifics.

Why Go For Dental Implants?


A quick look at dental implants Burlington shows you that many people choose to proceed with dental implants for many reasons. Some of the reasons that compel you to have a dental implant are as follows.


  • For A Good Oral Profile

A good oral profile must have all associated structures in place for its major purpose in breaking down food. Teeth are key in the breaking down of food, hence they need to be always in great shape. In case a problem develops in any of teeth, eating is going to be affected and the teeth need a replacement.

Here is where implants come in to serve as a platform for the replacement tooth.

  • For Cosmetic Purposes

You may feel that your teeth do not bring out the radiance in you and you want to improve this. You may replace your teeth with dentures, but implants are a must for their foundation platform.

  • To Boost Your Oral Health

The implants are also useful in boosting your oral health, especially where they act as plugs in spaces with missing teeth. They act as lugs and prevent entry of food debris into space in the gap which, if possible can be perilous to the game as it exposes it to germs.


Dental implants Burlington is very significant when it comes to dental procedures, especially the ones requiring tooth replacement. Be sure to go to a good dentist for you to receive the best dental health care.