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Prenatal Vitamins Are An Important Part Of A Healthy Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an exciting time in the life of an expectant mother, her spouse, family, friends, other kids”pretty much everyone that is in her life. Bringing a baby into this world is a beautiful miracle and those amazing nine months that lead up to delivery are just as exquisite, especially once that the pregnancy glow begins. It is exciting to bring a life into this world, to feel it grow inside, and to know that you’ve created something absolutely perfect in every possible way. And people say there is no such thing as perfect! Mom-to-be must cater to not only her own well-being but that of baby, too. Pregnant women need extra calories and nutrients especially. A prenatal vitamin provides that extra boost that pregnant women need to keep their baby healthy.

When to Start Using Prenatal Vitamins

Ideally, prenatal vitamins are best to use even before conception. If you don't use the prenatal vitamin pre-conception, start using one the minute that pregnancy is confirmed or when you decide to try to become pregnant. The first month of development in the womb is critical to a developing baby. The ingredients in the prenatal vitamin ensure baby’s good health from the beginning. Take one prenatal vitamin daily or follow the advice of your doctor if directed otherwise.

Prenatal vitamins were once known as those big horse pills that irritated the throat when swallowed. Some people find the pills impossible to swallow. And while the larger-than-average sized pills are still available, a new gummy, the organic prenatal vitamin, is around and the preferred choice for many pregnant women. Gummy vitamins taste great and come in assorted fun flavors. They're great for any woman who has trouble swallowing or who prefers the ease-of-use. They're usually more affordable than other products.

Do You Need a Prenatal Vitamin?

Every pregnant woman should take a prenatal vitamin every day of their pregnancy to ensure a smooth, healthy pregnancy and delivery of a beautiful, bouncy, healthy baby. Most OB/GYNs prescribe a prenatal vitamin for their patients during the first visit, although numerous over-the-counter options are available that may provide patients with a more affordable option. Carefully research the prenatal vitamins online and the shelves to find one that is safe and provides the necessary nutrients for the patient. Heed the advice of the OB/GYN before making a purchase as well. No one better to ask for pregnancy advice than the doctor who will care for you and deliver baby in nine short months.

Prenatal Vitamins Help Deliver Healthy Babies

It's obviously important to get most of the vitamins and minerals that you need from the foods that you eat. But, even women with the best diets can amplify the results when they're pregnant and use a prenatal vitamin to fill the gaps. Prenatal vitamins supply more folic acid and iron than standard vitamins, both of which pregnant women need in abundance.

Folic acid prevents neural tube defects, which cause serious brain and spinal cord abnormalities. Iron supports the growth and development of the baby and prevents mom from anemia, a condition that results when the blood has a low number of healthy red blood cells. Calcium and Vitamin D are two additional nutrients found in a prenatal vitamin. Many prenatal vitamins also contain omega-3 fatty acids which support brain development. Find a vitamin that contains this added ingredient if fish and other omega-3 foods aren't a favorite on your menu.

Keep Baby Healthy: Use a Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal vitamins are essential to a baby's growth and development during pregnancy. Begin using the vitamin the minute that a doctor confirms pregnancy, if not before. Many prenatal vitamins are available, but some of them are created better than others. This is a special time in life that shouldn't be overshadowed by negative consequences when simple tasks like using a prenatal vitamin make all the difference in the world in your baby’s good health.