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How to Ensure Good Quality CBD

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Not all CBD is created equally and some products are far superior to others even though they bear the same name. Here are some tips to help you differentiate.

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Are the lab reports of the company public, easy to understand and accessible?

You should visit the website of the company and search, or you can directly reach out to the customer service team of the company so they can tell you what to do. The things you will be looking at from the reports include cannabinoids listed, evidence of absent pesticides and chemicals, and terpenes.

Checking the Method of Extraction Used for the CBD Products

The process used when extracting CBD oil from hemp plants is going to impact the genetic makeup of the final product. Pressure has to be applied to the hemp plant when extracting CBD oil. When this is done, the trichomes burst and the oils are excreted. This is what is captured by the CBD oil companies, then bottled before being sold. The method used in applying pressure is what results in low-quality CBD products and high-quality CBD products.


According to CBD website Organic Nugs if heat is used when extracting, then butane is going to be used. Butane has chemicals that come in contact with the cannabinoids. There is a chemical reaction when aromatic chemicals come into contact.

The genetic profile of all compounds is going to be altered by chemical reactions. Butane is hazardous. It is usually distilled from the final product, but it would have still lowered the quality of the CBD products produced.

It is a good idea to choose a company employing extraction methods like food-grade ethanol or CO2. When such natural solvents are used, the cannabinoids remain intact because there are no foreign substances introduced.

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Are they organic and whole plant?

There will be a logo on the website if the products have been certified organic. Some have been grown organically but do not have the certification, which is not ideal but even if they have no certification, having a look at the lab reports is going to let you know the test for and the negative levels of chemicals and toxins.

Research out there and the many anecdotal reports are claiming that whole-plant extract tends to be more therapeutically potent when compared to isolated CBD extracts alone. When looking at the lab reports, make sure there is information on terpene and other cannabinoid levels, so you don't end up buying an isolated CBD product. What this means is you might end up with a product from a company only using CBD molecule in a carrier oil and doesn't have any other plant molecules of benefit.

Where are The CBD Products Being Sourced From?

If you are not sure about this, then you should consider buying from the US. In the US, hemp is heavily regulated, and this is why it is easier for the CBD products in the US to be Farm Bill Compliant.

Some other factors that can have an impact on the quality of the products include the climate and soil pH. Before buying a CBD product, make sure you have a closer look at where the company is sourcing its product. This is why it is a good idea to go with something you know. If the company is sourcing its CBD oil from the US, you will be able to rest easy knowing that it is going to be quality.

Is the CBD amount verifiable and clearly labeled?

The CBD industry has not been standardized, which explains why the CBD levels and bottle sizes depend on what the company decides, which makes it hard to know whether you are getting value for your money or not. There is a CBD calculator can help in working out the amount per milligram of CBD. This will become important when you are trying to choose from more than one product.

Do they have clear quality standards in place?

There is no guarantee of safety when there are no clear quality standards in the products you are buying. You should make sure that you are buying products from companies with proof of the quality standards. Find out whether the CBD products you want to buy are Good Manufacturing Practice certified (GMP). This will show if the products are of pharmaceutical quality, and other certifications are showing that the products are safe.

Checking Out the Customer Support of the CBD Company

One of the best ways of knowing whether a given product is right for you is by looking at whether the company is right for you. If you talk to the customer support and they are not able to answer the questions you might be having, then consider looking at other options.

With the current interest and growth of the cannabis industry, the company should be ready to explain the benefits you can expect to get when you use their CBD products. If a company has good customer support, it shows they are ready to help their customer. This will give you peace of mind dealing with them.

Is the content of the website clear and informative, and how are their reviews?

CBD is a new industry, and this has led to a lot of misinformation, and this includes information posted on company websites. The unfortunate thing is a person can easily buy CBD in bulk then rebrand as their own. If you visit the website of the company and they are not providing enough information, or if they are not clear about important information needed to decide on whether to buy or not, stay away. There are websites dedicated to reviews, which is a good idea since it will let you know what customers are saying about the CBD products.