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How CBD oil Can Benefit Asthma Patients

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Asthma is one of the most common medical issues that affect the respiratory system. It is usually an inflammatory response to some exogenous or even internal stimuli that cause the airways to contract instinctively. It is characterized by coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Although the elderly and minors are the most susceptible, the disease can affect people of all ages. One of the most effective ways of treating asthma has to do with the use of CBD oils. CBD oil for asthma is effective due to its nature as a cannabinoid. Below is a rundown of the benefits that are associated with CBD oil when it comes to treating asthma.

Relieve Chest Pain

Chest pain is not a primary symptom of asthma, but about three-quarters of patients experience moderate or even severe chest pain during asthma attacks. The pain is characterized by a piercing sensation during the initial phase of an asthma attack. Unfortunately, chest pain, coupled with other common symptoms of asthma, such as shortness of breath, can be crippling. Luckily, chest pain during asthma attacks is an issue that can be solved. Studies have shown that the use of CBD oils during asthma attacks can significantly reduce chest pain.

CBD Relieves Inflammation

Inflammation of the air passages is one of the most common causes of discomfort in asthma patients. During asthma attacks, the level of inflammation increases, and this constricts the passages, which consequently prevents airflow, leading to muscular spasms. The degree of inflammation varies from one person to another, and it determines the severity of an asthma attack. Luckily, studies have shown that CBD oils have anti-inflammatory effects meaning that using them during asthma attacks can significantly improve the symptoms of asthma. This can be explained by the presence of cannabinoid receptors in the lung tissues, which mediate inflammation, muscle relation and contraction, and airflow through the airways. CBD works by binding these receptors.

CBD Acts as Bronchodilator

When you experience a severe asthma attack, your bronchioles become severely constricted. Consequently, the rate of oxygen flow decreases alarmingly. This can result in severe shortness of breath and coughing. The constriction of bronchioles also causes muscular spasms, which is a primary symptom of asthma. The degree of these constrictions can be determined by taking a patient’s expiratory flow measurements. Studies have shown that the use of CBD oils in treating asthma has the effect of promoting bronchodilation, which significantly improves the symptoms of asthma.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent CBD oil is effective when it comes to managing the symptoms of asthma. It reduces the inflammation of the airways and promotes their dilation, and this has the effect of reducing the severity of the symptoms of asthma. However, CBD oils should be taken in the right doses as directed by an internal medicine practitioner. If you are looking for a professional CBD expert to assist you on how you can make use of CBD oils to manage the symptoms of asthma in Santa Monica, CA, GreenBridge Medical is a great primary care facility to visit.