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5 Quick Tips to Drink More Water

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Drink More Water

We all know how it is beneficial for our health and overall well-being to drink water. Water helps to control calorie consumption, aid digestion, maintain our skin glowing, improve blood pressure, and so on. H2O is vital for us, and even our bodies consist of 70% of water.

There's a good rule of thumb to drink eight-ounce glasses of water daily to stay hydrated and feel well. However, many people don't take this amount because of their busy schedules and other reasons. If you want to incorporate drinking water into your daily routine, check out these five useful tips that will help you to reach your goal.

Drink a Glass of Water Before and After Sleep

Although you may be extremely busy throughout the day, drinking just a glass of water once you wake up and once you go to bed is doable. Keep a vessel with water near your bed so that you will see it and drink the planned amount.

If you don't like plain water, you can add lemon slices, raspberries, or mint into your glass. Although coffee and tea don't hydrate you the way that water does, drinking infused water works great for your body. Flavors contribute not only to the taste of your drink but to your digestion system, as well.

Also, you can freeze some fruits or herbs and use them as ice cubes if you fancy drinking cool water. They will make your glass looking cool and stylish, and you will enjoy drinking water even more. The main point is to make you want to have such a drink, so go for any taste you like to make drinking water before and after sleep a new habit.

One Glass of Water for Each Cup of Coffee

As already mentioned, tea, coffee, juices, and sugary drinks don't hydrate your body. Thus, make a habit of drinking a glass of water each time you drink coffee or other beverages. Even if you don't add sugar to your cup of tea or coffee, it is still essential to replenish your water balance.

It is not about cutting off fizzy or caffeinated drinks from your life but keeping yourself hydrated. Thus, if you are used to drinking a couple of cups of coffee per day, follow each cup with a glass of water. It will help you to replenish your H2O balance.

Refill the Glass as Soon as It Is Empty

A simple but fantastic tip is to refill your glass as soon as you drink up your water. First of all, you will stay active by moving around to get more water. If you work in the office, it would be beneficial to make a short pause and get yourself a full glass again.

Secondly, this way, you will ensure that you have water near you all the time. The chances are high that you would skip the planned intake if your glass is empty. And if you have much to do at work,  you won't leave your place to get some water for yourself. Therefore, take care of yourself and keep water only an arm’s length away to be able to drink it timely.

Get Yourself a Water Bottle

One of the reasons why people don't drink enough water throughout the day is because they don't have it at hand. You can solve this problem by purchasing a reusable water bottle that you can take with yourself anywhere. As seen on DoctorTipster, a water bottle will increase your chances of staying hydrated all day long in several times.

As recommended by GiftWits, you can choose such an item to your liking, taking into consideration its size, material, surface texture, among other features. Also, you can opt for a microwavable or non-microwavable product in case you like to drink lukewarm water.

Another tip would be to use a straw so that you could sip your water comfortably and won't have to reopen your bottle each time. Usually, people drink more at once if they use a straw. Therefore, you can try this trick and see if you take more water than if you sip directly from the bottle.

Set an Alert on Your Phone

There are plenty of applications for iOS and Android that can help you to remember to drink water now and then. You can choose any app you like and set reminders for drinking a glass of water every few hours.

The design and functionality of the application do not matter much, just make sure that you are comfortable with using the app. As seen on Washington Post, you can find many gamified solutions that will engage you in the drinking process so that you can grow a tree or earn some points for drinking water.

You can either set notifications for taking a few sips every thirty minutes or drinking a full glass of water every hour or two. Experiment with your drinking schedule to establish the most comfortable routine at work or throughout the day. Moreover, you can combine different methods, for example, infusing your water with fruits, taking a water bottle with you, and setting reminders for sipping from it once in a while.

According to Forbes, you can alternatively go for some traditional methods, such as placing stickers with reminders near your computer monitor or bathroom mirror. Try different methods and see which one would work best for you. Then, stick to it and stay hydrated all day long.

Final Thoughts

According to the NY Post, people who drink more water are three times more likely to feel happy, refreshed, and energized. Therefore, incorporate the tips mentioned above in your daily routine and enjoy the benefits that water brings to our bodies and minds.

Although it may be hard to stick to the water-drinking schedule at the beginning, be consistent and dedicated to creating a new habit. By keeping a proper H2O balance, you will improve your skin condition, help your digestive system, and feel refreshed all the time.