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Amazing ways to clean and heal your chakras

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There are seven main chakras which are important when it comes to healing. They begin at the bottom of your spinal cord at the point of the coccyx bone and goes all the way up the spinal cord to the top of your head. These are the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. How can you heal your chakras? Let’s find out.

Chakra meditation

Healing by chakra meditation involves healing from two directions.

Focusing on the level of cause

If you do not address the cause level, then feeling distressed or upset inside the body and emotions will always be there. Any type of meditation that can help you to bring attention to yourself to a state of pure awareness is necessary here.

Focusing on the levels of effects

The next meditation involves other variations of chakra meditations which are generally used for reduce the feelings or effects of being isolated or separated. This is a feeling which is opposed to the whole that we actually are. The Wellbeing Boat, Inner Vision Meditation and White Light Chakra Meditation are some of such meditations.


Another tool that is used for chakra healing are affirmations. These are positive statements which can stand on and heal damaged part of you. You can use it affirmations and focus on different aspects one at a time. Different chakras will need different types of affirmations and you will need to choose correctly to get the maximum benefit.

Balancing through massage

Massage is another common technique used for chakra healing. There are different types of massages which are used in chakra healing.

If you focusing on the Root Chakra, massaging of the gluteal muscles, legs and feet is done. Such massage encourages energy flow known as prana in this area. For the Sacral Chakra, myofascial release for the hip flexors along with releasing the iliopsoas muscle is necessary to release tension and hips. The Solar Plexus can be massaged by using oil to the abdomen area. Clockwise directions are used around the area of the navel while massaging. It helps in improving waste elimination and organ functioning by bringing any conscious have understood these areas. The heart chakra is balanced by massaging the area of the upper back and a gentle traction to the shoulder joint and arm. The Throat Chakra is balanced by a neck traction and release of restricted fascia tissues surrounding the back and the front of the neck. The Third Eye Chakra is balanced by using a technique known as “brow stripping” where the muscles in the jaw area, temples and nasal sinuses are massaged. The Crown Chakra is balanced by as scalp massage, hair pull’s s and cervical traction.

Color vibrations

Color vibrations is another way of healing your chakras. When you are exposed to different types of colors which have different vibrations, your physical state, emotions and moods can change. You can rebalance the chakras by exposing your body to different colors. Such exposures can be done in our homes, our food and the clothes that you wear. You can also use color glasses which can absorb the vibrations necessary for your bodies.

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