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Different ways to clean and heal your chakras

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There are seven main chakras available which are important when it comes to healing. They start at the bottom area of your spinal cord and then travel along up the spinal cord to the top part of your head. There are many techniques which are used for cleaning and healing your chakras.

Chakra meditation

If you use chakra meditation for healing and cleaning your chakras, you will need to approach healing from two directions.

First, you can focus on the level of cause. Unless your address the cause level, your problems will not go away. If you’re feeling distressed or upset inside the body, emotions and body, it will not be completely eliminated if you do not address the cause level. That is why chakra meditation involves meditation that assists in bringing attention to yourself until you reach a state of pure awareness.

You can also focus on the levels of effects. This is another variation of chakra meditation. In this type, medication is used to ease the feelings or effects of being isolated and separated. This is opposite to the whole that we want to be.

Balancing through massages

Massage is another common technique in chakra healing. Different chakras will need different types of massages. If you’re targeting the Root chakra, massages done on the gluteal muscles, legs and feet because the massages will encourage energy flow (which is called as prana) this region. Massage for the Solar Plexus is done by applying oils to the abdomen area where massage is done in a clockwise direction around the navel. It helps in improving waste elimination and the organ functions by bringing about conscious awareness to this personal power centre.

Healing through music

Music can help you to heal yourself by affecting different chakras in your body. Different chakras respond to different sound frequencies. There are different techniques available which use music for healing your chakras. One such popular technique is Solfeggio, where music frequencies are used to create healing sounds. Isochronic Chakra Suite is another common type of music which are brainwave entertainment techniques that include Tibetan singing bowls. You just need to know what type of sound are good for healing that particular chakra and then you can employ that sound for healing yourself. Our body response to music and sound in a great way and this is an easy way of healing your chakras and your body.


This is one of the most powerful tools used in chakra healing. Affirmations are nothing but positive statements which are used to strengthen and heal damaged part of you. It is possible to focus on different aspects of few with affirmations. Different chakras will use different affirmations. For example, if you’re using affirmation for the Root chakra, some of the affirmations can be “I am filled with humility. I am enough as I am.” For the heart chakra, you can use affirmations like Love is the answer to everything in life, and I give and receive love unconditionally. The same way, different affirmations are used for different chakras in your body.

Color vibration

Different colors have different vibrations. When we are exposed to different colors because of their different vibrations, our physical state, moods and emotions can change. If there is a need to rebalance your chakras, you can do that by exposing your body to different colors. The exposure can be done at home with the help of our food and clothes and other elements in the house. You can also absorb colors by wearing colored glasses from where our bodies will absorb the color.


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