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4 Tips for Buying an Affordable Spin Bike

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A spin bike enables you to train indoors without having to go to a gym facility. The equipment also comes in handy when the weather is not favorable for outdoor activities. The bike is actually ideal for anyone that wants to burn fat or keep warm by engaging in cardio exercises. Once you have acquired the bike, you can train at your own convenience without being limited by time like is the case in the gym. In fact, the bike is much better than outdoor bike. This is because it reduces chances of getting injured or being exposed to extreme elements of weather to zero. The other advantage is that the equipment doesn’t occupy much space like a motorcycle or a car. However, buying a spin bike for the first time can be a huge challenge because you don’t know what to look out for. Here is a list of the things that you should consider when buying a spin bike for your fitness goals.

1. Price

 Whether you are filthy rich or damn broke, there is a spin bike for every budget. In fact, you should narrow down to a bike that matches with your budget. However, you will only get what you pay for. If you are looking for a top of the range bike, you should be prepared to pay more. This is because such bikes come with a wide array of features. Fortunately, there are also bikes that are tailored for buyers that are on a low budget. Although these bikes are not generous with features, they are equally good. You can also save some bucks by shopping in stores that offer discounts via coupon codes. It’s therefore important you first check some of their latest promos before buying the bike. Alternatively, you can buy second hand spin bike that looks good just like the new ones. However, make sure the store you buy it from has a return policy so that you can take it back in case you are not satisfied with its condition.

2. Warranty

Every spin bike that’s made by a reputable manufacturer comes with a limited time warranty. The warranty usually offers some form of security on your purchase. When a manufacturer includes a warranty in a package, it’s a guarantee that the equipment will function like it’s supposed to without failure. Most warranties range between 2 to 3 years. What it means is that if the bike malfunctions due to a mechanical problem, you can take it back to the dealer and get a new one without being asked any questions. And if the dealer doesn’t give you a replacement bike, they will have to cater for the cost of repairing it.

3. Weight Limitations

Your stability while riding a spin bike is determined by whether your weight is proportional to that of the equipment. In fact, every bike has the recommended weight that it can support. It’s therefore advisable you first confirm that your weight doesn’t exceed what is specified by the manufacturer. If you pick a bike that’s not ideal for your weight, it will definitely wear out much faster. The frame of the bike will eventually start to bend and you will no longer be able to use the bike.

4. Adjustable Seat

By the rule of thumb, you should never compromise on your comfort when shopping for a spin bike. For a start, the seat should be well padded with foam material. Besides that, the seat should not come with a permanent height because you might want to try riding at different heights. This means you will have to raise it or lower it to avoid straining your hands and legs. Some bikes come fitted with a tray behind the seat that’s reserved for holding a bottle of water.