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The Exclusive Tips for Finding the Best Breast Pump

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If you are a working woman and breastfeeding your baby then undoubtedly you might have thought of buying a breast pump to feed your baby when you are planning to resume your work. A pump can help you in feeding your breast milk to your baby when you are away from him. A good breast pump can help you in leaving few bottles of your milk with your partner or babysitter to feed your baby whenever required in your absence. But while shopping for the best breast pump you will have to follow few tips provided here under.

Selection Of The Types Of Breast Pump: When you start shopping the best breast pump then first of all you will have to choose the type of device you want. Mainly three types of breast pumps are available in the market “ manual, battery operated as well as electric breast pumps. You can choose from them on the basis of your requirement and affordability. You can also search online to know more at your breast pump reviews to make well informed decision.


Other options to consider while choosing the best breast pump may include:

Proper Fitting Of Flange: The part of breast pump that fits on the nipple is known as flange. It should not leave any gap in between as well as rub the nipple harshly. Its abrasive rubbing on the nipples can increase the risk of infections as well as bleeding. You can try pumps with different sizes of flange to find the suitable one.

Durability: The breast pumps of different brands may have different warranties. So before buying one you should have complete information in this regard for the seller. You should keep in mind while buying battery operated breast pump that it can serve you only for one year as it can lose its strength when you use it 3-4 times every day for this purpose.

Power Supply: If you usually travel then you should opt for a breast that can be operated at AC as well as DC current. A pump that can be operated through battery power as well as AC power of your car then it can be easier for you to fill the bottles of you breast milk even on the go whenever and wherever you want.

Programmable Memory: The breast pump you choose must have programmable memory so that you need not reset it again and again whenever you want to use it. You can record your preferable pattern of pumping in its programmable memory to keep it ready for pumping every time.

Weight Of The Pump: The weight of your breast pump plays a great role in pumping your breast milk while travelling or going to work. If the breast pump is heavier then you will have to arrange for another baggage to carry it with you. So you should choose a lightweight pump so that you can easily carry it in your routine baggage at work. If you are planning to buy an electric pump then you should look for one with removable motor so that you can easily store it in your locker or on the desk when not in use.

Hands-Free Devices: If you want to continue your work while pumping your breast milk then you can opt for the models that can keep your hands free. The flanges of these breast pumps are fitted in garments looking like a bra to allow you to continue your work while using the pump. Most of these models can complete the task in nearly 10-15 minutes by pumping both the breasts simultaneously.

Carrying Case: You should also look for a breast pump with carrying case if you want to take it to your workplace conveniently otherwise you may have to buy one separately. It will make it easier for you to carry the pump wherever you go as it can be carried on shoulder as well as on you back. Some women prefer to buy a briefcase type container to keep their breast pump as it gives them a professional like looks.

Compatibility: The breast pump you choose should be compatible with the brands of bottles you are using to feed your baby. It will make it easier to prepare you for feeding your baby.