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How to improve your hearing sense

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There are different activities that you can take up to improve your hearing. These activities will improve your hearing and you’ll be able to hear a lot better.


Yoga is not only beneficial for your overall health and your body. It is also good for improving your hearing sense. There are some Yoga exercises which will help you to improve your hearing. These exercises increase circulation in your ear and your brain and the increased circulation will help you hear better by improving nerve functions. They will also remove waste and toxins from the ear thereby improving your hearing sense. Some of the Yoga poses which you should practice are tree pose, lotus pose, triangle pose and cobra pose.

Regular exercise

If you exercise regularly, it will also help you by improving your hearing. If your body is healthy, your ears and your brain will also be healthy and both your ears and your brain are important in improving your hearing sense. Whatever exercise you are performing, you need to do it regularly so that the exercise helps you to pump your blood and improve your circulation. However, while exercising, always keep away your headphones, earphones and loud music. If you’re hearing too much of loud music, it can damage your ear hairs and that can cause hearing problems. If you need music while exercising, you can always keep it at a low or moderate level. Avoid wearing headphones and earphones.


Meditation will not only improve your mental health, but it will also improve your hearing. You can meditate at your home, in a park or other public areas wherein you will be surrounded by different types of sounds. While meditating you will control the breathing and that will help you to control your blood circulation and increase oxygen in your body. You can also put some concentration on distinguishing sounds in noisy environment which will help you to focus more on the sound.

Focus on the sound source

You can also try to listen to different types of sounds and try to decide which direction and source they are coming from. This is an exercise which will help you to listen more intensely to different sounds and will make you aware of any type of song in your surrounding environment. It will become easier for you to locate different sounds and the sources of them. This exercise will gradually improve your hearing. To practice it, you can also take the help of a radio or a mobile phone playing songs. Try to locate from which direction the sound is coming in. You can place two different sound sources in two different directions and increase the volume until the sounds combine and create a noisy environment. Ask someone to read a few sentences from a book in that environment and try to listen to that sound. Try to repeat the sentences that you hear. Also try to locate from which location and position the person is reading the text to you.

Combat your hearing loss

You can combat your hearing loss by solving puzzles. Your brain has a very important role in processing the sound information which the ears receive. Studies have found that there are links between hearing loss and mental conditions like anxiety and depression. If the brain cells and connection shrinks or damaged, then brain atrophy can happen and that in turn can cause hearing loss. Like different muscles your brain also needs a good workout and puzzles will provide your brain with that type of workout.


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